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Frostridge Mountains

Located within the northernmost reaches of Imera, the Frostridge Mountains are range of massive mountains stretching from the northern borders of Ulfgard to the north coast of the continent, and the home of the Dwarven nation of Durfaehn. Thanks to the many rich deposits of metals and precious stones found both within and beneath the mountains, they're also home to much of the mining industry within Imera. Despite all of this, the mountains furthest to the north and the tallest peaks remain uncharted territory, with none but the bravest (or most foolish) of explorers daring to attempt expeditions into these remote places.


The Frostridge Mountains are a large mountain range that covers most of north and north-eastern Imera, extending to the northern coast. There are some lakes and rivers running through the mountains, largely located in the more wooded valleys of the mountains.

Natural Resources

While wood and water can be found in the valleys, the Frostridge Mountains are especially rich with various metals and precious stones.
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