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Deep Dwarves

Deep Dwarves (also known as Iron Dwarves) are a subgroup of Dwarves commonly found living within the regions of Durfaehn extending into the underground realm of the Dark Hollows. In contrast to their Mountain Dwarf cousins on the surface, who are best known for their stonecutting and construction skills, the Deep Dwarves have developed a reputation for being skilled in mining, metalworking, and for being the most industrious of the Dwarves, being responsible for many of the instances of Magitech used by the Dwarves. Despite having lost much of their territories within the Dark Hollows to disaster (including The Collapse and the Goblin uprising that followed), the Deep Dwarves have nonetheless remained a stalwart and resilient people whose influence on Dwarven culture matches that of the Mountain Dwarves.


Culture and cultural heritage

Like all Dwarves, the Deep Dwarves place a high value on legacy, a strong work ethic, and skill in craftsmanship, though their underground habitat has produced some more unique variations of these traits. Most notably, the Deep Dwarves have developed a keen interest in technology, and are responsible for many of the Magitech advancements used by the Dwarves (helped by their greater access to Aetherite, various metals, and other materials found underground). Outside of Magitech, the Deep Dwarves also have a much greater focus on metalworking than other Dwarves, producing many of the finest smiths among the Dwarven people. While most Dwarves use their craftsmanship to leave something behind for future generations to look back on and remember, the Deep Dwarves instead focus their talents to create things that can be used in the present, and improve the lives of future generations.

Besides their technological expertise, the Deep Dwarves are also known for being a very resilient and determined people, even in the face of adversity. During the final days of the old Dwarven Empire, the Deep Dwarves were hit with some of the worst events to befall their people, including the mass cave-in known as the Collapse (the result of the volcano Ashpeak erupting on the surface), and a massive revolt among their Goblin vassals that saw them losing most of their remaining territories. Despite such dire circumstances, the Deep Dwarves have managed to rebuild in the years following these twin disasters, showing a near unbreakable resilience of spirit that continues to define their identity centuries later.

Average technological level

The Deep Dwarves are the most technologically advanced of the Dwarves, and are responsible for nearly all of the technologies available to the Dwarves (with the Dwarven Railcar being their most recent and advanced technological advancement). Interestingly, despite their access to advanced Magitech, the Deep Dwarves are somewhat slow to adopt new technologies, due to the lengthy process of getting approval to move ahead with any new advancements, followed by rigorous and constant testing and peer-review until the new technology being developed is as close to perfect as they can manage.

Common Etiquette rules

Like with most Dwarves, it's considered proper etiquette to provide honest feedback on the works of ones peers, devoid of bias or false praise. It's also polite and respectful to defer to the advice of those with more experience.

Common Dress code

Deep Dwarf clothing is simple and utilitrian in design, and is commonly made from tough, durable material. Like the Mountain Dwarves, the clothing of the Deep Dwarf upper class is made from higher quality materials, and is often embelished with various precious stones.

Art & Architecture

Deep Dwarf architecture and art shares the simple, blocky shapes commonly found among the Dwarves, though their works frequently feature iron as well as stone. This also extends to Deep Dwarf statues and engravings, which often make use of iron and other metals to enhance certain aspects of the piece.

Funerary and Memorial customs

The Deep Dwarves commonly cremate their dead, though particularly noteworthy individuals are instead interred in tombs.


Beauty Ideals

Deep Dwarves consider honesty, diligence, and perseverance to be attractive traits.

Gender Ideals

While much of the Deep Dwarf military is still male dominated, tasks such as crafters, smiths, and Arcanists have a much more even split between the genders, and some women are even seen working as miners.

Courtship Ideals

It falls on the men to propose. Like their Mountain Dwarf cousins, this is most commonly done through the presentation of a gift crafted by the one doing the proposing, though this isn't a hard requirement.

Relationship Ideals

Deep Dwarves are monogamous.
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