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Dwarven Railcar

The Dwarven Railcars are one of the fastest forms of transportation within the Dwarven nation of Durfaehn. Being located within the rocky expanse of the Frostridge Mountains, and expanding into the Dark Hollows beneath, travel between Durfaehns cities can be slow and sometimes difficult, even with their extensive road network, a problem which prompted the construction of the Dwarven railcar network. Cutting through the mountains and tunnels at high speed, these railcars ferry resources and workers between the major Dwarven cities and mines quickly and in great numbers, greatly strengthening Durfaehns industry. The Dwarven railcars have even begun to be used for civilian transportation between many of Durfaehns largest cities, though currently only the upper class and other individuals of high standing are permitted to use them due to the small size of the civilian railcar network compared to the industrial network, as well as the cars themselves being smaller in comparison (one civilian car compared to a train of several industrial cars), though the Dwarves of Durfaehn hope to expand expand the civilian railcar network and make it more accessible.

Power Generation

Dwarven Railcars are powered by an Aether-powered engine, which draws its energy from lightning-aligned Aetherite.


Dwarven Railcars run along rail tracks.

Armor and defense

All Dwarven Railcars are built with a solid iron exterior, which provides some protection to the car and its occupants. Railcars built to transport resources are built to be considerably tougher in order to protect their cargo.

Communication Tools & Systems

Dwarven Railcars use signal bells to communicate with nearby stations, mainly to signal their arrival and departure. Longer railcars used to transport resources make use of communication tubes to communicate with the separate cars and their crews.


All Dwarven Railcars have glowing crystal lamps on either end, in order to allow the driver to see ahead of them in the dark areas the railcars frequently travel through.
Owning Organization
Related Technologies
Complement / Crew
1 Driver, 1 Engineer. Longer railcars built to ferry resources have 2-3 crew members for each additional car.
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
16 passengers


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