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Ithyrian Silver

A rare metal commonly found within the lands of the Elves

461 words

Wyrmfang Bay

A large bay located on the border of Ordan and Ulfgard, renowned for its rocky coast and rough waters.

374 words


A combination of priest and historian among the Drakai, responsible for interpreting the knowledge of the past in order to guide future generations.

460 words

Verdant Knights

The armoured warriors of the Wood Elf Kingdom of Ly'syr.

408 words

The Dragonscourge

A massive war between the Drakai nation of Dranya and many of the nations of Vraelia and Imera.

1296 words


The capital city of the Human kingdom of Myrell.

871 words

City Guard

The enforcers of the law within the cities of Taeva.

615 words


A race of bull-folk native to the Kavros peninsula of north eastern Vraelia.

809 words

The Hall of Kings

A large tomb built at the base of the Palace of the High King within Dhal Thurim, built to serve as the final resting place of past kings.

690 words


The former empire of the Elves, and one of the most powerful nations of ancient Taeva before its fracturing.

888 words


The largest Orc city south of the Ridgeback Mountains, and the unofficial capital of South Ordan

875 words


Large creatures resembling a cross between an eagle and big cat, commonly found in the high places of Imera and Vraelia.

607 words

City Kobolds

A sub-type of Kobold living in the various human cities of Imera.

691 words

Cave Kobolds

The most common and widespread type of Kobolds, found throughout the Dark Hollows.

615 words

Snow Kobolds

A subspecies of Kobold found in the northern reaches of Imera.

528 words

Dwarven Railcar

One of the fastest and safest methods of transportation throughout Durfaehn.

378 words

The Gleaming Hollow

A region of the Dark Hollows renowned for its abundance of glowing crystals.

365 words

Palace of the High King

The seat of power of the Dwarf High King, and one of the most important buildings in Durfaehn.

455 words

The Rats Nest

The main headquarters of the Dock Rats thieves guild.

532 words

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