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The Gleaming Hollow

The Gleaming Hollow is a region of the Dark Hollows located within the continent of Imera, stretching from the centre of the Human kingdom of Myrell to the northernmost reaches of the Elvish kingdom of Caelora. Drawing its name from the vast deposits of glowing Aetherite crystals found throughout it, the Gleaming Hollow is considered by many, both natives of the Dark Hollows and surface folk alike, to be one of one of the most beautiful regions of the Dark Hollows. Thanks to the high levels of Aether in the region, the Kobold and Ratfolk settlements built in the Gleaming Hollow have become some of the biggest centres of magical learning and study within the Dark Hollows.


The Gleaming Hollow consists of a massive cavern, with a number of tunnels and smaller caves connected to it. The most striking feature of this region is the deposits of Aetherite found throughout it, ranging from clusters of crystalline growths to large shards jutting out of the ground and ceiling.

Localized Phenomena

Due to the massive amount of Aetherite found here, the Gleaming Hollow contains the highest amount of magical energy within the Dark Hollows.

Fauna & Flora

Glowing Cave Mushrooms can be found among the flora of the Gleaming Hollow.

Natural Resources

Besides the ordinary stone that can be mined from the area, the Gleaming Hollow is a rich source of Aetherite.


The Gleaming Hollows sees numerous visitors from both throughout the Dark Hollows and the surface, mainly scholars seeking to better understand magic, and miners seeking to harvest the Aetherite found in the region.
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