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Glowing Cave Mushroom

Commonly found deep beneath the earth, the glowing cave mushroom is just one example of the strange flora and fauna found throughout the Dark Hollows. Thanks to the constant glow emitted by these mushrooms, they've been commonly used as a source of light by the various civilisations of the Dark Hollows, and continue to do so even after the advent of Magitech.


Material Characteristics

Glowing cave mushrooms bear many similarities to other fungi, often appearing as either a stem with a large flat cap, or a "shelf" growing out of a vertical surface. The most obvious distinguishing feature, however, is that these mushrooms are bio-luminescent, emitting a soft glow.

Physical & Chemical Properties

True to their name, glowing cave mushrooms emit a constant, soft glow of blueish-green light.

Geology & Geography

Glowing cave mushrooms are most commonly found in the various caves scattered throughout the Dark Hollows, often in damp areas in or around water..

History & Usage

Everyday use

Due to the ever present darkness of the Dark Hollows, glowing cave mushrooms are commonly used as a source of light by those who live there, usually in the form of lampposts or lanterns. While not as bright as glowing Aetherite crystals, glowing cave mushrooms are much easier to come by. These mushrooms are also a key ingredient in the creation of the glowing ink used to mark important signs.

Manufacturing & Products

Glowing cave mushrooms are commonly used in the creation of lampposts and lanterns in the Dark Hollows, though small dwellings can use them as-is for light.


Trade & Market

Glowing cave mushrooms are a common commodity in markets throughout the Dark Hollows.


Like all fungi, glowing cave mushrooms must be stored in a dark, damp space in order to remain healthy.
50 Gold
Intensely bitter
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