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As their name suggests, the Ratfolk (or Murae in their native tongue) are a race of ratlike humanoids native to the vast underground cave network known as "The Dark Hollows". Initially seen by most races as little more than oversized vermin, the Ratfolk have since proven themselves to be more than capable of standing on equal footing with the surface races, thanks to their intellect and a communal spirit that would rival that of the Kobolds. Today, the Ratfolk are one of the more numerous of the underground races, and are renowned for their resilience in the face of adversity, and for producing some of the brightest minds in the Hollows, particularly in the field of alchemy.

Basic Information


All Ratfolk have a slim humanoid build with two arms and two digitigrade legs, hands with four fingers and a thumb on each hand, and feet with five toes on each leg. The Ratfolk also have fur covering their bodies, stopping above the wrists and heels, a ratlike head with large round ears, whiskers, and beady eyes, and a 4 foot long prehensile tail.

Biological Traits

Female Ratfolk are shorter than the males. Additionally, females tend to be more active and energetic, while the males are often more mellow.

Genetics and Reproduction

Ratfolk give birth to live young, with the average litter containing 6-10 young, and with a gestation period of 5-6 months.

Growth Rate & Stages

Infant: 0-2
Child: 3-7
Adolescence: 8-15
Young adult: 16-20
Adulthood: 21-49
Elder: 50+

Ecology and Habitats

The Ratfolk are most comfortable in their underground warrens.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Ratfolk are omnivorous, though their diet consists largely consists of whatever vegetables they can grow in their underground territories with some meat.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Due to their high population numbers, Ratfolk society is highly meritocratic, where the individuals most capable at their tasks hold the most power in their colonies.

Facial characteristics

All Ratfolk, unsurprisingly, have ratlike heads, complete with large ears, a small nose, whiskers, and beady eyes.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The Ratfolk can be found all throughout the Dark Hollows, though they can also be found in and around large urban settlements on the surface.

Average Intelligence

The Ratfolk possess slightly above average intelligence, especially when working in groups.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

All Ratfolk can see better in the dark than most other races, and possess a keen sense of hearing and smell.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Ratfolk names tend to be short and harsh sounding, though softer sounding names do exist. The typical naming scheme or the Ratfolk is Personal name -> Mothers name -> Community name, with the Community name being some sort of descriptor for their home territory, or a trait/skill/trade their community's well known for. Additionally, Ratfolk living in or near surface settlements (usually human ones) tend to adopt human names, often similar to those used by the local populace.

Male Names: Vrehl, Tetch, Kehz, Ekreq, Immit, Strak, Brihn, Zim, Nik, Per
Female Names: Rihl, Shik, Zhel, Nit, Vhosh, Frix, Cesh, Bhet, Mish, Tith
Community Names: Tomekeeper, Ironpaw, Brightgrove, Gleamspell, Deepwarren

Beauty Ideals

Ratfolk consider a good intellect and experience, as well as a clean and glossy coat of fur, attractive.

Gender Ideals

Due to males being more numerous, male Ratfolk are more likely to be allowed to participate in work with some degree of risk, while females typically only get accepted into low risk work. Additionally, while females are allowed to enlist, the Ratfolk military is predominantly male, and females are less likely to see front line duty.

Courtship Ideals

Since female Ratfolk are often courted by multiple males, it's often those who are considered most capable (through a combination of intellect, experience, occupation, etc) that are chosen.

Relationship Ideals

While the Ratfolk do practice monogamy, their large numbers often result in them moving on from ended relationships more quickly than most other races.

Average Technological Level

The Ratfolk have access to Magitech, which they largely use to aid them in their alchemy research. The Ratfolk are also one of the biggest producers of experimental Magitech in the Hollows, alongside the Goblins.

Common Etiquette Rules

In Ratfolk culture, it's considered polite to treat others as good acquaintances, even if you've never met that person before. Additionally, if you're having difficulty with a task, you're expected to defer to the knowledge of someone more experienced with the task than you, even if you didn't ask for their input.

Common Dress Code

Ratfolk clothing is similar to human clothing, though in order to not hinder their ability to move around their warrens, their clothing's made to be light, and both genders wear pants. Those who work as scholars, researchers, and government positions, however, often wear robes as a status symbol.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

The Ratfolk believe that one's experience and competency should be the only deciding factors in how people are chosen for tasks. This has resulted in Ratfolk society being highly meritocratic, with individuals being assigned jobs based on how well they can accomplish them. Bloodlines and connections matter much less than than personal skill.

Additionally, Ratfolk are extremely social creatures, spending their whole lives in close contact with each other. Even if they can't find other Ratfolk to surround themselves with, individual Ratfolk will gladly attempt to socialise with members of other races. Being completely isolated from other beings they could socialise with, Ratfolk or otherwise, is extremely detrimental to their mental health.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

The Ratfolk maintain amicable relations with the other races of the Dark Hollows, particularly the Goblins, due to their shared talents in Magitech engineering. Additionally, while there are those on the surface who consider the Ratfolk to be oversized vermin, most have since outgrown such views, and some of the more progressive institutions have even hired Ratfolk researchers and scholars to participate in studies in alchemy and biology.
80 years
Average Height
Male: 5'7" Female: 5'4"
Average Weight
Male: 66kg Female: 60kg
Average Physique
The average Ratfolk has a lithe physique.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Ratfolk fur comes in various shades and combinations of white, black, brown, and grey. Their eyes are predominantly black, though there are some individuals with pink/red, ruby, or odd-eyed colours.
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