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The Ratfolk Warrens

Located within a stretch of the The Dark Hollows that covers central Imera, the Ratfolk Warrens are the homelands of the Ratfolk. Due to the large population of Ratfolk within the Hollows, the Warrens are also one of the largest groups within the Hollows, with many bustling urban centres found throughout their territories. The Warrens have also carved out a niche for themselves as some of the best specialists in the field of alchemy, which has allowed some of their influence to be felt on the surface as well as throughout the Hollows.


The people of the Ratfolk Warrens are a highly communal people, spending their whole lives in close contact with one another, and always welcoming towards outsiders so long as they pose no threat. Additionally, society within the Warrens is highly meritocratic, with ones skill and ability to complete tasks being more valued than connections and bloodlines.


The Warrens have access to stone, metals, and various subterranean plantlife.

Demography and Population

Ratfolk make up almost the entirety of the population of the Warrens, though a small minority of Kobolds and Goblins can be seen in some settlements.


The Ratfolk Warrens cover a portion of the Dark Hollows that extends beneath central and eastern Imera.


The Ratfolk military consists of light and medium infantry and missile units. Since they lack the means to fight more advanced forces in a conventional battle, the Ratfolk armies focus on mobility, favouring quick and sudden strikes.

Technological Level

The Warrens make use of Magitech, most notably to aid their alchemical research.

Foreign Relations

The Ratfolk Warrens have neutral relations with the surface races, though they are on good terms with the other races of the Dark Hollows, particularly the Goblins.

Agriculture & Industry

The agriculture of the Ratfolk Warrens is focused in some of the more fertile areas of the Dark Hollows, as well as some surface settlements. Additionally, the Warrens have a strong alchemy industry, producing many of the potions that can be found throughout the Dark Hollows.

Trade & Transport

The cities Ratfolk Warrens frequently trade among themselves and the Kobolds and Goblins, as well as some of the surface nations. There's a network of roads and sea routes connecting the various settlements to one another.


All Ratfolk are educated in learning halls local to their community. Education begins at the age of 3 and ends at 15, and covers such subjects as the history of the Ratfolk, the ecology and geography of the Dark Hollows, and the various other peoples they neighbour. Additionally, Ratfolk who've taken an interest in a particular occupation or field of study often take up an apprenticeship with a more experienced individual.
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
The Warrens
Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
Market economy
The Ratfolk Warrens most commonly makes use of the currency of Royals, occasionally supplemented with bartering.
Major Exports
The Ratfolk Warrens biggest exports are potions and plant ingredients for alchemy.
Major Imports
The Ratfolk Warrens import wood from the surface, as well as various metals.
Legislative Body
The High Overseers are responsible for writing the laws.
Judicial Body
The Overseers and judges are responsible for upholding the law.
Related Ranks & Titles
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Related Species

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