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Located within a region of the Dark Hollows beneath north-eastern Imera, Sparkspire is considered to be the unofficial capital of the Goblin Territories. Having been built on top of a massive deposit of ligthning-aligned Aetherite, Sparkspire has since grown into a bustling centre of technological innovation within the Dark Hollows, even serving as the seat of power of the Society of the Spark, a guild of Goblin Arcanists responsible for many of the advances and discoveries of their people. While the various cities and towns of the Goblin Territories are largely self-governing, many Goblins (particularly the industrious Urban Goblins) still consider Sparkspire to be a centre of leadership among their people, with many of the most important decisions of their people being made within its walls.


Goblins make up the majority of Sparkspires population, though Murae and Kobolds are also seen throughout the city. Among Sparkspires population, Arcanists are the most common occupation practiced within the city, with scholars and merchants following at a close second.


The city of Sparkspire is run by a Governor elected by the citizens, with new elections taking place every five years (though emergency elections are held earlier if the currently elected Governors eat is vacated before their term has been served, either due to death or other matters). All taxes are collected by the city and used to maintain its infrastructure, with the various Magitech industries being the main focus.


Sparkspire is surrounded by a tall wall, with lookout stations placed at regular intervals along its length, and a large metal gate at the entrance. Additionally, all lifts leading to the Upper City are locked down until the threat has passed, and all Magitech creations kept within the city are brought out to aid in the defence.

Industry & Trade

Sparkspires two largest sources of income are its mining and Magitech industries. As the centre of Magitech development and construction within the Dark Hollows, Sparkspire sees many coming to the city to trade for the various machines produced within its walls.


Sparkspire has a network of well-maintained stone roads within the city, as well as connecting it to the surrounding settlements, in addition to numerous lifts for traversing the more elevated sections of the city. Additionally, there are many workshops and labs throughout the city dedicated to studying advancements in Magitech.


Sparkspire is divided into two sections: The Lower City (which contains the residential, mercantile, and industrial areas of the city) and the Upper City (which contains the government offices, magitech workshops and laboratories, and facilities tied to the Society of the Spark).

The Residential District

Located along the outer perimeter of the city, and covering its western and southern sections, this district is where the cities residents live. Like with most settlements, the homes built closer to the interior of the city (where most of its commerce takes place) are more well off that those further away.

The Market District

Located in the centre of the city, this district contains all of the shop, inns, and other assorted businesses of the city. It's here where many of Sparkspires businesses (including shops and inns), as well as the Lower Cities main plaza, are located, and where one can access the lifts to the Upper City (which takes up the northern section of the city).

The Industrial District

Covering the eastern section of the city, this district contains the access points to the underground mines (where metals and chunks of Aetherite are extracted), forges (where raw materials are processed into useable components), and storehouses of the city. Since many of the materials harvested and processed in this district are used by the Society of the Spark in their ongoing expirements, this district also has special industrial lifts used for ferrying materials directly to the Upper City.

The High-Spire District

  Covering the northern section of the Upper City, this district contains the residences of the cities governor, as well as other influential citizens involved in the administration of the city

The Spark District

  Covering the western and central sections of the Upper City, this section of the city serves as the centre of Sparkspires Magitech industry, containing various workshops, campuses, and the Hall of the Spark. With some new Magitech creation being built, tested, and modified almost every minute, the Spark District is a near constant hub of activity.


Sparkspire has access to numerous workshops and labs dedicated to pursueing the advancement of Magitech, as well as the massive deposit of lightning Aetherite below that gives the city its name. As the seat of power of the Society of the Spark, a number of skilled Arcanists also reside within the city.

Guilds and Factions

The Society of the Spark: The Society of the Spark (sometimes shortened to just "The Society") is a group consisting of the best Arcanists among the Goblins, formed with the intent of advancing their understanding of Magitech, and expanding their knowledge in general. Named for the lightning-attuned Aetherite located beneath the city, the Society has produced a number of Magitech creations of varying size, purpose, and complexity since its founding, frequently guided just as much by personal whims as practical need. To date, the Society remains the most influential group among Goblinkind (both within the city of Sparkspire and beyond), drawing in their best and brightest from all throughout the Dark Hollows in the hopes of joining their ranks.

Points of interest

The Hall of the Spark: Located within the Spark District of the Upper City, the Hall of the Spark is a large metal building serving as the seat of power, residence, and workplace of the Society of the Spark. Many workshops, forges, and laboratories are contained within the walls of this place, all of which are almost constantly humming with activity from the many Arcanists working within. Due to the often volatile nature of the creations produced by its inhabitants, the Hall is built a small ways away from the Upper City, connected by a single bridge.

Sparker Plaza: Located just outside of the lift stations leading from the Lower City to the Upper City, Sparker Plaza is the first place one will see upon entering the Upper City, easily recognized by the artistic contraption containing a chunk of lightning Aetherite (meant to symbolise the cities focus on innovation) placed in the plazas centre. Due to its large size, as well as its proximity to the Hall of the Spark, the Plaza plays host to numerous events, including public announcements and expositions.

Market Street: The Market Street is a large road running from the city entrance to the Market District, and is named for the various small businesses set up along its length. Since this road is frequently used by outsiders visiting the city, many of the businesses found here offer services that cater more to them than permanent residents (such as inns and supply stores).


Like most Goblin settlements, Sparkspires architecture gives the city a somewhat ramshakle, thrown-together look, with stone and metal being common building materials. The structures of the Upper City (especially the Hall of the Spark) are built to a higher standard compared to the buildings of the Lower City, and have a higher amount of metal in their construction.


Sparkspire sits in a large underground cave, resting near the wall of its north-eastern corner.

Natural Resources

There is some land outside the walls capable of supporting fungal growth, and a large deposit of Aetherite, as well as various metals, can be found beneath the city.
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