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The Abyss

Located within the deepest regions of Taevas underground, the Abyss is is the unexplored frontier of the Dark Hollows. With its labyrinthine caves and tunnels, complete lack of natural light sources, and strange flora and fauna (even by the standards of the Dark Hollows), the Abyss remains a mystery not only to the surface races, but to the underground races as well. In fact, only a small portion of the uppermost regions of the Abyss have ever actually been mapped, leaving the rest of the region shrouded in mystery.

To the races who call the Dark Hollows home, the Abyss is considered to be "beyond the edge of the map", and few would dare venture there without very good reason. With how little is known about this region of the Dark Hollows, the Abyss has also become a place of immense superstition among the underground races, ranging from being the den of mythical beasts (like the Dark Hunter of Goblin folklore), to supposedly extending down to the very bottom of the world.


Like the rest of the Dark Hollows, the Abyss is a series of rocky caves and tunnels of varying size. Additionally, some of the tunnels found here tend to be rounder and smoother than others, though since these are often the result of burrowing by Earthwyrms, and often lead to their dens, those who are brave enough to venture here elect to stay away from them. There are also virtually no sources of light here (Glowing Cave Mushrooms, glowing crystal, etc.), leaving the Abyss in pitch darkness.

Fauna & Flora

While it's unknown what creatures would call this place home, it is known that some Earthwyrms (massive, serpentine dragonkin with some insect-like traits) make their dens and hibernate here, providing one more reason to avoid venturing here.
Alternative Name(s)
The Lightless Realm
Cave System
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