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The Dark Hunter

The vast, underground expanse known as the Dark Hollows is considered to be one of the most mysterious locations in Taeva, even among those who've lived there for generations. This has given rise to many stories among the Hollows native inhabitants, though few are as renowned as that of the Dark Hunter, a terrifying beast from Goblin folklore.


The Dark Hunter is a creature resembling a large, monstrous bat with glowing red eyes that haunts the unexplored regions of the Dark Hollows. This beast is said to prey on those who stray too far from civilisation, and those who encounter it are said to disappear completely without a trace. Unsurprisingly, stories about the Dark Hunter often focus on the dangers of the unknown.

Historical Basis

The first stories of the Dark Hunter are believed to have been told around the time that the Goblins first started settling the Dark Hollows, when the extensive network of caves and tunnels within were still uncharted. One common theory suggests that the fear of the unknown dangers that might lie within the Dark Hollows, combined with a close encounter with one of the large Cave Bats that live there, may have had a role in the origins of these stories.


While stories of the Dark Hunter can be found throughout Goblin civilisation, they are most common among Goblin settlements within the Deep Wilderness, which is considered to be the frontier of civilisation within the Dark Hollows. These stories are also passed around the other denizens of the Dark Hollows, though to a much lesser extent.

Variations & Mutation

While the appearance and predatory behaviour of the Dark Hunter remain consistent across tellings, it's nature and intelligence see the greatest level of variance. Some stories claim that the Dark Hunter is a malevolent spirit made of living shadow, while others claim it's a flesh-and-blood creature somehow possessing immortality. Additionally, some stories depict the Dark Hunter as being no more intelligent than a common animal acting on instinct, while others depict it as an intelligent and actively malicious being.

Cultural Reception

The Dark Hunter remains one of the most common and widespread cautionary tales within Goblin culture, told by parents to warn children against bad behaviour or wandering away from home, and shared among travellers to warn against travelling alone or through uncharted territory. Even today, many mysterious disappearances, especially those that happen in places far from civilisation, are attributed to the Dark Hunter.
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