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The Goblin Territories

Located within a stretch of the The Dark Hollows that covers most of northern Imera, the Goblin Territories are the homelands of the Goblins. Originally beginning as various independent tribes in the distant past, the Goblin Territories have since grown into a group of powerful city states and their surrounding towns, united by a protective alliance. In the current age, the Goblin Territories are recognised as one of the most industrious geopolitical factions within the Dark Hollows, second only to the Dwarves.


The citizens of the Goblin Territories value personal freedom and community. Due to the scarcity of resources in their lands compared to most of the other nations of Taeva, the people of the Goblin Territories have learned to be resourceful with what they have. Additionally, innovation is highly prized within the Goblin Territories, a trait which has greatly contributed to making them one of the most technologically advanced groups within the Dark Hollows.


The Goblin Territories have access to stone, various forms of fungi for use in farming, and some metals from mining.

Demography and Population

Goblins make up almost the entirety of the population of the Goblin Territories, though a small minority of Kobolds and Ratfolk do live in some settlements.


The Goblin Territories covers a portion of the Dark Hollows that extends beneath the southern reaches of the Frostspire Mountains, as well as most of Ordan and Ulfgard.


The Goblin military mainly consists of light to medium infantry and missile units, as well as a small cavalry and artillery force. While not as advanced as most of the other militaries of Taeva, the armies of the Goblin Territories make up for it through numbers and usage of guerrilla tactics.

Technological Level

The Goblin Territories make use of Magitech, though due to the scarcity of resources in their territories, their technology tends to look more ramshackle compared to common Magitech. Despite this, the Goblin Territories remain one of the most technologically advanced groups within the Dark Hollows, and are at the forefront of technological advancement within the Hollows.

Foreign Relations

While the Goblin Territories have neutral relations with most of the surface nations, they are on good terms with the Kobolds and Ratfolk that share the Dark Hollows with them. However, they do have negative, at times hostile relations with the Dwarven nation of Durfaehn, owing to conflicts from their past.

Agriculture & Industry

The agriculture of the Goblin Territories is focused in some of the more fertile areas of the Dark Hollows, as well as some surface settlements. Additionally, the Goblin Territories have a moderate mining industry, and a strong metalworking industry.

Trade & Transport

The city states of the Goblin Territories frequently trade among themselves and the Kobolds and Ratfolk, as well as some of the surface nations. There's a network of roads and sea routes connecting the various settlements to one another.


All Goblins are educated in learning halls local to their community. Education begins around the age of 5 and ends around the age of 17, and covers such subjects as the history of Goblins, the history, ecology, and geography of the Dark Hollows and its residents, and the various outsiders they share their borders with. Additionally, Goblins can take up an apprenticeship with a more experienced individual when they're older, most commonly in metalworking, engineering, and trading.
Geopolitical, Country
Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
Market economy
The Goblin Territories most commonly makes use of the currency of Royals, occasionally supplemented with bartering.
Major Exports
The Goblin Territories mainly exports metals, machinery and textiles.
Major Imports
The Goblin Territories import wood from the surface, as well as advanced machine parts.
Legislative Body
The governors of the larger cities are responsible for writing the laws of their respective regions.
Judicial Body
The governors and mayors are responsible for enforcing the law in their region.
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Related Species

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