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Ithyria (if-FEER-ee-AN)

Ithyria was the ancient mage empire of the Ithyrian Elves, the ancestors of modern Elves. Stretching from southern Imera up to the outskirts of the Elderwood to northern Vraelia as far as the borders of the Sythssyan Empire, Ithyria was one of the most powerful nations of its day, and one of the greatest centres of magic in Taeva. Though it had long since fractured, Ithyrias influence can still be seen among the Elven Kingdoms that followed in its wake, both in their culture and in the value they place on magic.


Ithyria is ruled over by the Emperor/Empress, whose title is inherited by their descendant upon their death. Beneath them are the Great Houses, who act as regional rulers.


The Elves of Ithyria greatly valued magic, with much of their society being built around the ability to use it. One's place within Ithyrian society was highly contingent on their magical ability, with those possessing average or lower ability making up the commoner population, and skilled mages dominating the upper class. Thanks to the role magic ability played in determining ones social standing, the Ithyrian royalty and the Great Houses are always made up of the most powerful and skilled mages in the empire. Additionally, the people of Ithyria were were greatly interested in expanding their understanding of magic, resulting in Ithyria becoming the largest repository of magical knowledge in the world.


At its height, Ithyria had access to one of the largest repositories of knowledge on magic, as well as magical materials and creatures. The vast territory the empire covered also brought in a wealth of resources from across southern Imera and northern Vraelia, including Ithyrian Silver from the Silverlight Isles to the west.


Ithyria disbanded 3,200 years ago, following the sudden death of Emperor Vaelen Aeneroth and the resulting succession war that followed. This chaotic period of Elvish history ended with the empire fracturing into the various Elf kingdoms, marking the end of Ithyria.

Demography and Population

The population of Ithyria was entirely composed of Elves, with outsiders being a rare minority.


At the height of its power, Ithyria covered nearly all of southern and southwestern Imera, as well as much of northeastern Vraelia and the Silverlight Isles to the west.


Ithyria had a large standing army consisting of light and heavy infantry, cavalry, and missile units. Additionally, Ithyria had a large navy along the west coast of Imera and Vraelia. Among the kingdoms of its time, Ithyria also had the greatest number and variety of magic using units in its armies, ranging from mages to warriors using magically enhanced martial techniques.

Technological Level

Ithyria made heavy usage of Aetheric Architecture, and may have played a vital role in its creation. Additionally, Ithyria possessed the means to create Guardians, constructs built from stone, Ithyrian Silver, and Aetherite for the purpose of protecting places of great significance. Unfortunately, the knowledge behind the creation of these two ancient technologies has since been lost with the fall of the empire.

Foreign Relations

While Ithyria was generally on neutral terms with most other outsiders, they did have a rivalry with the old Dwarven kingdom of Durfaehn to the north, and were on more hostile terms with the old Sythssyan empire to the south (the result of numerous territory disputes).

Agriculture & Industry

The majority of Ithyrias agriculture was done within its central territories, and there was a healthy fishing industry along the west coast. Additionally, there was a strong mining industry in the mountains and on the Silverlight Isles.

Trade & Transport

Ithyria often traded with the Dwarves to the north, and had an extensive network of roads and sea routes for transportation.


All Ithyrian Elves were educated in schools local to their area. Education lasted from childhood to young adulthood, and covered a variety of subjects, with a particular focus on magic. Additionally, there were many opportunities for citizens to pursue further education for more specialised occupations.

8,400 years ago - 3,200 years ago

Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Ithyrian Empire
Successor Organizations
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Ithyria made exclusive usage of the Elvish currency of Vyrens.
Major Exports
Ithyria most commonly exported a variety of goods from across the empire, most famously Ithyrian Silver.
Major Imports
Ithyria often imported metals and works of Dwarven craftsmanship from Durfaehn.
Legislative Body
The currently reigning Emperor/Empress was responsible for creating the empires laws, with the heads of the Great Houses becoming more involved in the process as the empires territories expanded.
Judicial Body
The heads of the Great Houses were responsible for upholding the law in their respective regions.
Neighboring Nations
Related Species
Related Ethnicities


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