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City Kobolds

As their name would suggest, City Kobolds are a subgroup of Kobolds who've made a home for themselves among the cities of the surface, as opposed to their brethren living in the Dark Hollows. Commonly found in the larger human settlements of Imera (with the largest populations being found in the kingdom of Athenor), the City Kobolds retain the communal spirit that defines their race, and have earned a reputation for having a strong work ethic, as well as a talent for crafting and tinkering.

General Appearance

  City Kobolds generally appear similar to their cousins living in the Dark Hollows, with a slight build, and scales and fur of grey, black, and red.


Culture and cultural heritage

City Kobolds adopt some of the cultural traits of the regions they occupy (Athenoran City Kobolds value efficiency, Myrellian City Kobolds have an increased interest in scholarly pursuits, etc.). Additionally, City Kobold communities often dedicate themselves to a specific occupation (woodcutting, mining, shopkeeping, etc.), with all members of these communities following the same path as their elders (it's not uncommon to find shops or inns in and around City Kobold occupied areas to be staffed entirely by the same family). Thanks to their constant exposure to Magitech, both from their work and their living environment, City Kobolds have developed a talent for tinkering and repairing, making them the most mechanically adept of Kobolds.

Shared customary codes and values

City Kobolds retain the communal spirit that defines the Kobold race. This most commonly manifests itself in their work ethic, with City Kobolds excelling in team based tasks. Additionally, City Kobolds always live in close proximity to one another, with living spaces consisting of large communal houses shared by multiple families, and all City Kobolds, regardless of relation, strive to ensure each others well-being.

Like their underground cousins, City Kobolds also maintain a small personal collection of items that reflects their interests, though due to the more enclosed spaces of their urban environment, these collections tend to be much smaller. These items tend to be either found, or personally crafted by the Kobold.

Average technological level

City Kobolds understand how to use, repair, and maintain Magitech.

Common Etiquette rules

City Kobolds who share a dwelling place great value on hospitality, and it's considered proper etiquette to repay any kindness shown to you.

Common Dress code

City Kobold clothing is designed to be similar to the clothing worn by local human populace, while still incorporating the durability and ease of movement found in typical Kobold clothing.

Art & Architecture

City Kobold dwellings are designed similarly to the architecture of the city they inhabit. Rather than individual houses, City Kobold dwellings are large buildings designed for communal living, with multiple families sharing a single building.

Foods & Cuisine

Due to living among the surface races, City Kobolds are more varied in their cuisine, incorporating a number of common dishes from the local human cultures.


Beauty Ideals

Alongside properly maintained scales and fur, City Kobolds consider a strong work ethic and cooperative spirit to be attractive traits.

Gender Ideals

City Kobolds of either gender are expected to do their part to contribute to the well-being of their family and community.

Courtship Ideals

City Kobolds of either gender can court one another. Like their underground dwelling cousins, City Kobold courtship involves a small ceremony where the couple each exchange an item of sentimental worth, either the most precious item in their personal collection or one that they've crafted for the occassion. If the Kobolds in the pairing come from different communities (e.g. farming and mining), then the couple will be considered part of whichever one would benefit most from their partners skill and experience.

Relationship Ideals

City Kobolds are monogamous. While City Kobold parents try to be involved in the raising of their children, due to their work ethic, care of their children is often passed on to their elders and any other members of their family.
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