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Palace of the High King

Located within the heart of Dhal Thurim, the Palace of the High King is the grandest structure in the city, and one of the greatest examples of Dwarven architecture in Imera. Having served as the seat of power of the Dwarven High King for almost 6,000 years, it's also the most important building in Durfaehn. It's here where the High King and Queen are crowned, where they live and rule, and where the Council of Lords meet to discuss the biggest issues currently being faced by Dwarfkind.

Purpose / Function

The Palace of the High King was constructed to serve as the residence and seat of power of the reigning High King and Queen and their family. As the centre of Dwarven politics, it's also here where diplomacy is conducted between the High King and Queen and the heads of the major clans, as well as foreign diplomats.


Having existed since the days of the first High King of the Dwarves, the Palace of the High King has seen many alterations in its time. Initially a large keep, the palace was built up considerably after High King Thurims rise to power. In the time since his reign, there have been a number of aesthetic alterations to the palace, including the addition of new artistic fixtures (statues and engravings), and renovations to some of the more aged parts of the exterior.


The Palace of the High King is constructed entirely from grey stone, having built into the side of Mt. Gerdohr much like the city it resides in. There are artistic elements on the exterior of the building (mainly around the door and window frames, and at the corners), and there's a large stairway lined with statues (representing significant figures from Dwarven history) leading up to the iron doors of the palace entrance. The interior of the palace contains rooms and halls made of stone, with iron doors, engravings along the walls, stone furniture (with some wood in a few items), and floors of stone and polished tile, with some of the more important rooms having rugs.


The Palace of the High King is built from solid stone and iron, making it highly resilient against direct attacks. Additionally, the Palace Guard are garrisoned here, ready to act at a moments notice.


Many major events are held in the courtyard in front of the palace, and members of the Dwarvish nobility often gather here to discuss politics and/or to mingle.
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