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Snow Kobolds

Perhaps the most remote subspecies of Kobolds, Snow Kobolds are found throughout northern Imera, both above and below ground. Having lived in a much harsher environment than most other Kobolds, the Snow Kobolds are renowned for being excellent hunters, trackers, and survivalists.

General Appearance

  Cave Kobolds typically have fur and scale colours in shades of white and light blue, and are more furred than other Kobolds. Additionally, Snow Kobolds have a leaner build compared to other Kobolds.


Culture and cultural heritage

The Snow Kobolds are regarded as being the most survivalist of Kobolds, a trait born out of necessity in order to survive the harsh conditions of their northern homeland. This survivalist attitude has allowed Snow Kobolds to become skilled hunters, trackers, and foragers, with many considering them to be the best among the Kobold race. However, it's also made them more guarded and suspicious around outsiders (with the exception of other Kobolds), with many Snow Kobold communities being more insular compared to those of other Kobold subspecies.

Shared customary codes and values

Snow Kobolds are a communal people, a trait shared among all Kobolds. However, due to the harshness of their environment, Snow Kobolds are also more guarded around outsiders, with the exception of other Kobolds.

Like other Kobolds, Snow Kobolds keep small collections of items they've taken an interest in. However, due to the remoteness of their territories, Snow Kobold collections are less likely to contain items found by their owner, with the majority of items in a Snow Kobolds collection being crafted by their owner.

Average technological level

Snow Kobolds make no use of Magitech, instead making use of relatively primitive, hand-made tools.

Common Etiquette rules

It's considered proper etiquette to share what resources you have with your community, especially if you have plenty.

Common Dress code

Snow Kobold clothing is designed to be durable and easy to move around in, and is most commonly made from thick leather and fur to protect against the cold.

Art & Architecture

Snow Kobold dwellings are simple, always carved out of a nearby rock face, and always established near a source of natural heat (such as geothermal springs).

Foods & Cuisine

Snow Kobolds primarily eat meat.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Snow Kobolds build their settlements near sources of natural heat, most commonly geothermal springs, and frequently gather around such places during major occasions.


Beauty Ideals

Snow Kobolds consider clean and well maintained fur and scales, as well as a strong physique and resourcefulness, to be attractive traits in prospective mates.

Gender Ideals

Both genders are expected to contribute to the well-being of their community, though males are more likely to be seen in more dangerous work further away from their homes, while females work closer to their settlements.

Courtship Ideals

Snow Kobolds of either gender can court one another. When courting a prospective mate, a Snow Kobold will present them with a gift that they've personally crafted.

Relationship Ideals

Snow Kobolds are monogamous. Due to the parents often being far from home while providing for their community, care of the children is often passed on to the community elders.
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