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Verdant Knights

Made up of the best warriors of Ly'syrs Great Houses, and armed with the finest weapons and armour available to them, the Verdant Knights (sometimes known as Green Knights or Forest Knights) are one of the best fighting forces of the Wood Elf kingdom of Ly'syr. While the Wood Elves themselves generally try to stay out of conflict, when their home is threatened, the Verdant Knights are a force to be reckoned with. Between their skill in battle and their loyalty to their people, the Verdant Knights have earned their reputation as great defenders of not just Ly'syr, but the Elderwood itself.



The Verdant Knights number around 500 strong on average.


The Verdant Knights all wear plate armour crafted from a mix of Ithyrian Silver and enchanted wood or other plant matter, often with animal pelts and/or horns/antlers incorporated as decorative elements.


The weaponry of the Verdant Knights is highly varied, and includes swords, greatswords, spears, glaives, and bows. Like their armour, the weapons of the Verdant Knights are crafted from a mix of Ithyrian Silver and enchanted natural materials, including wood, animal bone, and fang/claw.


While the Verdant Knights largely fight on foot, they also make use of horse and elk cavalry.


The Verdant Knights often serve as commanders among units of lower ranking warriors, though they also work together in units of various sizes, with the most senior among them taking leadership. All Verdant Knights answer to the King/Queen, as well as the elite Sylvan Knights.


The Verdant Knights are skilled at fighting in wooded areas, preferring to either strike fast or hold a defensive position.


Training to join the Verdant Knights begins as early as six years old, and covers martial and magical combat, as well as strategic thinking. Even after being accepted into the order, members of the Verdant Knights are expected to continue their training in order to keep their skills sharp. It's thanks to this rigorous training that the Verdant Knights have remained one of the finest fighting forces in Ly'syr.



The Verdant Knights are most commonly recruited from among the nobility of the Wood Elves Great Houses, though non-nobility who've shown great martial or magical skill are also eligible to join their ranks.
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