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Wood Elves

The Wood Elves are a subspecies of Elf found in both the Elderwood and Ly'syr. Due to settling near powerful sources of nature magic (often in places of untouched nature) in an effort to reconnect with the Fae heritage all Elves are believed to share, Wood Elves are renowned for their skill in druidic magic, as well as for producing some of the finest hunters, scouts, and herbalists in Taeva.

General Appearance

Wood Elves generally have either light, copper, or bronze skin, black or brown hair (though red is also an uncommon colour), and green, blue, or brown eyes. Additionally, Wood Elves possess a more athletic physique compared to most Elves.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Ydrah, Ashe, Holone, Rubrea, Qenreth, Enva

Masculine names

Arun, Fauedhel, Jharak, Raunaeril, Vallos, Orin

Family names

Othros, Xistheren, Nourmoth, Lemos, Hathrala, Tildrahien


Major language groups and dialects

Common, Elvish

Culture and cultural heritage

True to their name, the Wood Elves place great value on the natural world around them, doing whatever they can to avoid disrupting their natural environment. To this end, they've taken to growing and hunting their own food and materials through the old ways, and either build their communities around nature, or incorporating it in some way. Despite this focus on living in tune with the natural world, the Wood Elves are far from primitive; A number of traits seen among modern Elvish societies also exist among the Wood Elves, though they've been modified to fit in with their nature-focused lifestyle (The Wood Elf "nobility" are more akin to highly respected guardians and guides, and their architecture is constructed almost exclusively from wood and stone, and incorporates the surrounding nature).

This respect for nature isn't restricted to the physical world, either: The Wood Elves also value any form of magic tied to the natural world, including druidic magic. All Wood Elf communities are built close to sources of nature magic or planar rifts leading to the Fae Realm, and all Wood Elves, including non-mages, are taught a few minor nature spells. This, as well as their desire to protect the natural world around them from harm, has allowed them to maintain good relations with other nature aligned entities, including the Cernai and various magical beings.

Average technological level

The Wood Elves make no use of Magitech, opting instead for various enchantments in their infrastructure.

Common Dress code

The Wood Elves wear simple clothing made from fur and leather, often with colours that reflect their forest surroundings. These clothes are also designed for ease of movement.

Art & Architecture

Wood Elf art uses graceful shapes like most other Elves, though their usage of this aesthetic is meant to evoke the natural world (vines, trees, etc.). Additionally, Wood Elf architecture incorporates elements of typical elvish architecture into the natural world around them.

Foods & Cuisine

Wood Elf cuisine is based on whatever can be farmed, foraged, or hunted in the surrounding woods, and thus mostly consists of vegetables, grains, and meats, occasionally supplemented with berries and/or fish.

Coming of Age Rites

Once a Wood Elf child reaches adolescence, they are taken on their first hunt. Alternatively, if their talents lean more towards magic, this is the age at which they begin their training.

Funerary and Memorial customs

The Wood Elves bury their dead in glades, which they use as cemeteries.


Beauty Ideals

The Wood Elves consider a strong, fit physique to be attractive.

Gender Ideals

There's very little distinction between genders in Wood Elf society.

Courtship Ideals

Men tend to do the courting, though women have been known to do so as well on occasion.

Relationship Ideals

Like most Elves, the Wood Elves are monogamous, and with both members of the relationship being expected to care for and support each other equally.
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