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Ithyrian Silver (if-FEER-ee-AHN)

Ithyrian Silver (Also known as Ithyrian Steel) is a rare metal commonly found throughout southwestern Imera, as well as some parts of northern Vraelia. Named for the Elvish mage empire that first discovered it, Ithyrian Silver was a key element of Ithyrian Elf art, craftsmanship, and infrastructure, thanks to its tough yet lightweight composition and its ability to channel magic. Thanks to its unique properties, as well as its connection to their shared past, Ithyrian Silver remains a highly prized resource among the various Elves of Taeva, often being reserved for only their finest works.


Material Characteristics

Ithyrian Silver has a smooth, metallic sheen to it, almost indistinguishable from common silver except for its blueish-silver colour.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Ithyrian Silver has roughly the same hardness as steel, but is noticeably lighter in weight. It also never rusts, no matter how long it may be left exposed to the elements. Additionally, Ithyrian Silver can conduct magic more easily than most other metals, and can even acquire unique properties if exposed to enough Aether.

Geology & Geography

Ithyrian Silver is commonly mined from mountains and under the ground, and is mainly found around southwestern Imera and some parts of northern Vraelia.

History & Usage


Ithyrian Silver was first discovered by the Ithyrian Elves around 6,000 years ago, around the time of their expansion.

Everyday use

Ithyrian Silver has been used in the smithing of weapons and armour, as well as the creation of more artistic items like jewellery and monuments. During the time of the Ithyrian Empire, Ithyrian Silver was also used in the construction of the Guardians, though the knowledge to do this has been been lost.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Ithyrian Silver is frequently associated with the Ithyrian Empire itself, thanks to their frequent usage of the material in both military and artistic pursuits. This, in combination with its rarity, makes it highly valued among Elvish society.

Manufacturing & Products

Ithyrian Silver is often used to create weapons, armour, and works of art, though due to its rarity, it's often reserved for forging armaments for the upper class of Elvish society, as well as masterwork works of art.


Trade & Market

Ithyrian Silver is sold as a premium crafting material, with only wealthy smiths and craftsmen being able to afford it. Additionally, Ithyrian Silver is only mined and sold in the territories of the Elf Kingdoms, with Ithyrian Silver being found or sold anywhere else being extremely rare.


Ithyrian Silver is stored in secure storage facilities, to prevent theft.
Silver with a blueish hue
Common State


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