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Ithyrian Elves (if-FEER-ee-An)

The Ithyrian Elves (Also known as the First Elves or, occasionally, "Aetherian" Elves) were a group of Elves found throughout the lands of the ancient Ithyrian Empire, and are the common ancestors of the various modern Elf subgroups. Blessed with an innate connection with magic, these Elves produced many of the finest mages and warriors in the world, carving out a mighty empire that covered much of southern Imera. Though their empire had long fallen, the legacy the Ithyrian Elves left behind influenced many of the nations that followed in their wake, including their architecture, art, martial traditions, and especially their approach to magic.

General Appearance

While their physical traits would become more varied over time as the modern Elvish subgroups began to rise, the original Ithyrian Elves had light skin (though those with considerable magical ability often had light blue skin), with blue, green, and silver eyes, and white or black hair. Like many of their descendants, the Ithyrian Elves had a slender physique.


Culture and cultural heritage

The Ithyrian Elves placed tremendous value on magic, with it being a central pillar of their culture. Magic was incorporated into much of their art and architecture, their military made extensive use of mages and/or magically enhanced martial techniques, and the ability to use magic was just as great a factor in determining your social class as your ancestry or occupation (In fact, all members of nobility and royalty were required to possess great skill with magic to be considered legitimate). The Ithyrian Elves were also extremely keen on furthering their understanding of magic, and are credited with much of what is known of the inner workings of magic today.

Another facet of Ithyrian Elf culture is the various noble Houses that made up the upper echelons of Ithyrian society. Made up of the most powerful noble families in Ithyrian society, the Houses served as regional rulers of the empire whose authority was second only to the Emperor. While many of these Houses were lost during the Ithyrian War of Succession that fractured the empire, a number of them still exist in Elvish society today, though they've either significantly decreased in size, or fractured into several smaller houses.

Average technological level

The Ithyrian Elves are credited with the creation of Aetheric Architecture, and made wide usage of it in the infrastructure of their largest cities. Additionally, the Ithyrian Elves also had the means to construct Guardians, constructs made from stone, metal, and Aetherite that were meant to protect areas of great significance.

Art & Architecture

Ithyrian Elf art and architecture frequently made use of flowing, graceful shapes, traits that can still be seen in the majority of Elvish architecture today. Additionally, magic was frequently used in Ithyrian Elf art, often to provide it with a more dreamlike quality (ancient sources on the subject claimed such works of art inspired a sense of tranquillity, and often looked as though you could step into it).

Funerary and Memorial customs

The Ithyrian Elves buried their dead, though they also laid especially noteworthy individuals (particularly their archmages and kings/queens) to rest in ornate tombs, a practice still maintained to a degree among their High and Sun Elf descendants.

Major organizations

Encompassed species
Related Organizations

Dress Code

Ithyrian Elf clothing was made from blue and purple cloth, with a gracefully flowing aesthetic and numerous embellishments, especially among the upper class.

Foods & Cuisine

  Ithyrian Elf cuisine mainly consisted of grains, vegetables, and meats. However, as the borders of their empire expanded, they also began incorporating various fruits, fishes, and spices into their cuisine.

  • 7000 MA

    Founding of Ithyria

    The kingdom of Ithyria is founded in what is modern day Caelora.

  • 6500 MA

    Ithyrian expansion begins

    Having secured their homelands, the Ithyrians began expanding their borders south and east, and would even begin establishing colonies on the Silverlight Isles to the west.

  • 6000 MA

    5990 MA

    First Ithyrian - Sythssyan Border Dispute
    Military: War

    The serpentine Sythssya launch an attack against Ithyrias southern border, succeeding in capturing the fortress of Menathyr, and managing to hold it for five years before the Ithyrians recaptured it, ending the conflict in a stalemate.

  • 5600 MA

    Great Library of Ithyria constructed
    Construction beginning/end

    Construction of the Great Library of Ithyria is completed. This structure served as a repository of all of the Ithyrian Empires arcane knowledge.

  • 5300 MA

    Second Ithyrian - Sythssyan Border Dispute
    Military: War

    The second major conflict between the Ithyrians and the Sythssyans, though this one ended quite differently compared to the last: The Ithyrians were able to claim a large portion of Sythssyan territory, with only one minor settlement being reclaimed.

  • 4700 MA

    Expansion into Aesuth

    An expeditionary force is sent out to the newly discovered continent of Aesuth to colonise it.

  • 1960 MA

    The death of Emperor Vaelen
    Life, Death

    Emperor Vaelen Aeneroth, last emperor of Ithyria, suddenly dies. With no heirs or named successors to replace him, a succession crisis soon followed, with the various Great Houses of the empire pressing their own claims to the throne.

  • 1960 MA

    1800 MA

    The Ithyrian War of Succession
    Military: War

    Unable to resolve the matter of who would succeed Vaelen as Emperor, The Great Houses of Ithyria and their allies attempt to enforce their claims to the throne through military force, plunging the Empire into civil war.

  • 1800 MA

    The Empire Fractures

    With no clear victor in sight, the Ithyrian War of Succession ends in a truce, and with no rightful heir to the throne, the surviving Houses and their lands seceded from the Empire. This is considered to be the moment when the Ithyrian Empire ended.


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