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High Elves

The High Elves are a subspecies of Elf found throughout Caelora and the surrounding lands, and are the most widespread Elves in Taeva. Due to their innately magical nature, High Elves are renowned for producing some of the finest mages and arcane scholars in Taeva.

General Appearance

High Elves typically have light skin, with blue, green, brown, or grey eyes (though other colours do rarely occur), and hair of various colours, with blonde and black being the most common. All High Elves have a slender physique.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Araine, Lidia, Naesala, Eleaya, Faetris, Iriea

Masculine names

Vaeril, Kaedis, Runien, Lumenor, Illerian, Eldrilion

Family names

Aedius, Ilimear, Vaedros, Naevyre, Camihre, Loraelahl


Major language groups and dialects

Common, Elvish

Culture and cultural heritage

As the descendants of a powerful empire of magic users, the High Elves place great value on magic and the ability to use it. In High Elf culture, magic serves as an indicator of ones social standing, with those possessing little to no ability to use magic being considered peasants, and powerful mages being the equivalent of nobility. Additionally, any knowledge tied to magic is considered a valuable commodity among the High Elves, and any knowledge related to the magics of the old Elvish Empire is considered priceless.

Average technological level

The High Elves make extensive use of Magitech, in conjunction with various enchantments. Additionally, the High Elves also make use of any Aetheric Architecture they may find in their settlements.

Common Dress code

The clothing of the High Elves varies between individuals and classes, though light colours are a common theme.

Art & Architecture

High Elf art uses flowing, graceful shapes, and much of their architecture also shares this trait.

Funerary and Memorial customs

The High Elves bury their dead in cemeteries, though particularly noteworthy individuals (such as a renowned hero, exceptionally powerful mage, or great ruler) are entombed.


Beauty Ideals

High Elves consider a healthy physique, high intellect, and high magic ability to be attractive.

Gender Ideals

Among the High Elves, men are expected to be strong and confident leaders, while women are expected to be calm and wise.

Courtship Ideals

It falls on the man to make the proposal.

Relationship Ideals

High Elves are monogamous, and marry for life. Additionally, both members of the relationship are expected to contribute to the relationship, though there is still the slight expectation for the women to act as the providers.
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