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Cave Kobolds

Found throughout the Dark Hollows, the massive network of caves and tunnels stretching throughout Imera and Vraelia, Cave Kobolds are the most widespread subspecies of Kobolds in Taeva. As well as their strong sense of community, the Cave Kobolds are also renowned for being skilled miners and scavengers, traits which allowed them to prosper in their subterranean home.


General Appearance

  Cave Kobolds typically have scale and fur colours in shades of grey, black, and occasionally red, as well as a slight build, though they can develop a lean build.


Culture and cultural heritage

Cave Kobolds possess a strong communal spirit and willingness to help one another, traits that allowed them to survive, and eventually prosper, in the at times harsh environment of their underground home. Besides allowing them to excel at team-based tasks, these traits also make Cave Kobolds one of the most peaceable races in Taevas underground, with all Cave Kobolds doing whatever they can to care and provide for their community, as well as being fairly welcoming to outsiders, so long as they don't pose any obvious threat.

Additionally, Cave Kobolds are known to keep small collections of items they've taken an interest in, perhaps as an attempt to maintain a connection to their supposed draconic ancestry. These collections are seen as reflections of their owners personality, and are considered precious to the Cave Kobold that owns them. Perhaps as a result of this collecting habit, Cave Kobolds have also developed a strong talent for scavenging.

Average technological level

Cave Kobolds make some use of Magitech, often being restricted to what can be salvaged from the surface. All Cave Kobolds have access to tools and techniques related to mining and stone cutting, and light their homes using glowing cave mushrooms and/or glowing crystals.

Common Etiquette rules

It's considered proper etiquette among Cave Kobolds to share whatever resources you have with those most in need of it, and to respect anothers claim if they've claimed an item or resource before you.

Common Dress code

Due to their underground environment, as well as the physical labour they often participate in, Cave Kobold clothing is designed to be simple, durable, and easy to move in.

Art & Architecture

Cave Kobold structures are simple, often being carved out of nearby stone walls, and designed to house several Kobolds at a time. Additionally, Cave Kobold art typically takes the form of engravings carved into rocky surfaces (though painted cave drawings aren't uncommon), uses simple shapes and solid lines, and commonly depicts moments and individuals tied to the local areas history.

Foods & Cuisine

Cave Kobolds mainly eat meat, though they can also eat some plants, most commonly the various mushrooms found within the Dark Hollows.


Beauty Ideals

Cave Kobolds value clean, well maintained scales and fur, as well as craftiness and perseverance to be attractive traits.

Gender Ideals

There are no distinctions between the genders among Cave Kobolds, with Kobolds of either gender being able to fill any role in their community.

Courtship Ideals

Cave Kobolds of either gender can court the other. Courtship among the Cave Kobolds consists of a small ceremony where the pair exchange the most precious item in their personal collection.

Relationship Ideals

Cave Kobolds are typically monogamous. Kobold children are typically raised by their elders for most of their lives in order to allow their parents to continue providing for their community.
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