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City Guard

City Guards can be found in just about every major settlement in Taeva. While the nations and people who make use of city guards may vary in their cultures and laws, the purpose of the city guards remains the same no matter what part of the world they're found in: To uphold the laws of their homeland, and to their fellow citizens from harm. Thanks to their training making them roughly equal to common infantry, the city guard are also often the first line of defence against whatever threats their city might face.



Admission into the city guard generally requires that the potential recruit must be on good standing with the law, and that the recruit successfully complete training in physical fitness, as well as familiarity with the processes of upholding the laws of their community. While these are the most common requirements for admission into the city guard, there may be a few additional requirements that vary between the various nations of Taeva.

Career Progression

Once a city guard has served for a number of years (exact number of years vary among the nations of Taeva, though the average is around 7-8), and shown themselves to be capable and reliable enough for it, they may be eligible to be promoted to the rank of Guard Captain, which comes with the added responsibilities of overseeing the recruitment, training, and management of the guardsmen of their city. In some of the more influential cities (usually the capitals), common guards and Guard Captains may have the opportunity to  be promoted to an elite division of the city guard focused on the protection of particularly influential individuals, their families, and their homes (such as the Crown Guard of Valteas Crown District). These elite guardsmen are commonly seen as the highest rank a city guard can achieve, short of joining the local monarchs personal guard or joining an elite military order.

Payment & Reimbursement

A common city guard is payed enough to afford a comfortably modest living, with Guard Captains earning slightly more. Elite guardsmen are payed at least twice as much, affording them a higher standard of living.

Other Benefits

Common guardsmen and Guard Captains enjoy the respect and cooperation of the law abiding citizenry of their city. Elite guardsman have the added benefit of frequently rubbing elbows with some of the more influential members of their community, including nobles and wealthy business owners.



The city guard were initially formed to provide the settlements of their kingdoms with protection against outside threats (such as bandits, wild animals, and monsters) that didn't require the intervention of their kingdoms armies. As society advanced, the city guards duties expanded to maintaining order within their settlements, with most of their duties now focused on law enforcement.

Social Status

Being a member of the local city guard is considered to be a common but well respected role in society. Due to their connections with the upper class of their communities, the elite guardsmen often command more respect than the common guard.


The position of city guardsman is open to anyone, though the average guardsman usually has a background of having served in the armies of their nation.



The typical equipment of the city guard includes a suit of armour (consisting of chainmail with some plate, and some article of of clothing like a tunic or sash depicting the crest of their kingdom), a pair of manacles, a shield, and a shortsword or spear.

Dangers & Hazards

Due to their role in upholding the law within their cities, members of the city guard are sometimes put at risk, particularly when dealing with dangerous criminals. Additionally, members of the city guard are most at risk when defending their city from attack.
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