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Among the Drakai, the title of Keeper commands great respect, second only to the Emperor/Empress themselves. A combination of priest, historian, and teacher, the Keepers are responsible for preserving the knowledge of the Drakai peoples past, and guiding future generations in living a life that would honour those who came before.


In order to become a Keeper, one must first serve as an apprentice to another Keeper for at least a decade. These apprentices, known as Initiates, are instructed in the duties of the Keepers, most commonly through assisting them. When a Keeper feels their Initiate has completed their training to a satisfactory level, they will swear them in as a Keeper.


Only Drakai can become Keepers. Additionally, all prospective Keepers must possess extensive knowledge of Drakai history.


When an Initiate is ready to be promoted to the rank of Keeper, they are brought before the other Keepers of their local community to be sworn in.


It's the duty of the Keepers to preserve the history of the Drakai people and their ancestors, and to use the knowledge of the past to provide guidance for future generations.


The Keepers are responsible for chronicling the history of the Drakai, focusing mostly on the history of the Drakai race, the nation of Dranya, and particularly noteworthy individuals. The Keepers are also responsible for using this knowledge of Drakai history to educate and guide the people of Dranya. Additionally, the Keepers also oversee many important ceremonies within Drakai society, including birth rites, memorials, coronations, and funerary rites.


Due to the role they play in preserving the legacy of their ancestors, the Keepers enjoy a position of great respect in Drakai society. Additionally, while the Dragonblooded Drakai are often favoured for most high-ranking positions within Drakai society, this does not occur among the Keepers, with ordinary and Dragonblooded Drakai having equal chances to advance among them.

Accoutrements & Equipment

All Keepers wear blue robes with silver accents, and decorated with draconic elements (primarily scales and wings).

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

While it rarely happens, a Keeper may be dismissed from their position if they've been found guilty of dishonourable conduct. This can only be done by the reigning Emperor/Empress.

Cultural Significance

Among the Drakai people, the Keepers are held in high regard due to the role they play in the preservation of the legacy of their ancestors, as well as their role in guiding future generations.
Religious, Special
It's commonly believed that the Keepers were created around the same time that the nation of Dranya was first established.
Form of Address
Source of Authority
The Keepers draw their authority from, and answer to, the Emperor/Empress.
Length of Term
The title of Keeper is usually held for life, and ends either on death, or when the Keeper steps down.
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