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Wyrmfang Bay

Located in northwestern Imera, Wyrmfang Bay is is a large body of water that takes up much of the western half of the Ordan-Ulfgard border, and connects the Nordunr River to the sea. Drawing its name from the shape of its coastline (which resembles the fanged jaws of a massive Dragon), the rocky shores and rough waters of the bay make sailing through it dangerous for all but the most seasoned of sailors. Despite the dangers faced by those who sail its waters, Wyrmfang bay remains a vital part of the sea trade between Ordan and Ulfgard, as well as trade between Ordan and the human settlements along the Nordunr River.


The coastline of Wyrmfang Bay is lined with rocks, with some beaches scattered throughout. Further away from the shoreline, the land is covered with grassy fields. As a testament to its fearsome reputation, shipwrecks of various ages can be found along the floor of the bay, especially in the deeper parts near the mouth of the bay.

Localized Phenomena

The waters of Wyrmfang Bay are choppy for the majority of the year, and become much rougher during stormy weather. This makes sea travel through the bay hazardous for all but the most experienced sailors.


Due to being located in northern Imera, the area around Wyrmfang Bay is cool for most of the year. During the winter months, ice would form along the coastline, making sea travel through the bay during winter an especially dangerous task.

Fauna & Flora

The waters of Wyrmfang Bay are home to various fish (namely cod and salmon), as well as a small population of seals. There's also a number of gulls nesting along the coastline.

Natural Resources

The majority of the natural resources harvested from Wyrmfang Bay comes from its fishing industry.


Due to its location on the border between Ordan and Ulfgard, as well as its place as a hub for sea trade along the western coast of Imera, Wyrmfang Bay frequently sees visitors from either side of the bay.
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