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The Rats Nest

Located beneath the sewers of the port city of Carran, the Rats Nest is the primary headquarters of the Dock Rats thieves guild. Once a Ratfolk settlement from the early days of their arrival to the surface world, the Rats Nest has long served as a safe haven for members of the Dock Rats when they aren't on the job, and is the centre of operations for their various activities. Thanks to its well-hidden location (which is further strengthened by the secrecy of its members), the Rats Nest remains beyond the reach of the local authorities, ensuring that the Dock Rats continue to maintain a presence within Carran for the foreseeable future.

Purpose / Function

When it was first constructed, the Rats Nest was intended to be a colony for Carrans Ratfolk population during their initial settlement of the city. After it was abandoned by its former inhabitants, it became the headquarters of the newly established Dock Rats gang, providing them with the space and security they needed to grow into the powerful organisation they are now.


The Rats Nest remains largely unchanged from when it was first settled, with the few alterations made to it being limited to patching up buildings that have fallen into disrepair, converting homes and shops into living spaces and storage areas, and converting the Overseers Hall into the main Guildhall, where the treasury, treasurers office, and Guildmasters quarters are located.


All structures within the Rats Nest are built from wood with some stone. The main Guildhall is located at the far end of the Nest, and is a two story building built to a higher standard compared to the surrounding buildings.


The Rats Nests greatest defence is its secrecy, with its only entrance being well hidden in an out-of-the-way area of the Carran sewer network. In the event that the Rats Nest is discovered and directly attacked, all Dock Rats present during this time will use the alleys, streets, and buildings in order to harass the invaders.


When the Ratfolk first began migrating to the surface from the Dark Hollows, many of the humans they encountered reacted to them with suspicion and fear, forcing them to establish their new homes out of sight of them in an effort to avoid conflict. The settlement that would become the Rats Nest was no different, being built beneath the sewers of the Myrellian city of Carran, and while its inhabitants tried to persevere, many eventually chose to abandon the settlement in order to seek better fortunes elsewhere. Despite this, a group of Ratfolk who'd turned to crime to survive chose to remain, using the hidden nature of the Rats Nest to build their wealth and influence away from the watchful eyes of the local authorities, eventually growing into the powerful thieves guild dominating the east coast of Imera today.
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