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Ulfgardians are Humans native to the cold lands of the kingdom of Ulfgard. Among the various human cultures found throughout Taeva, Ulfgardians are well known for their strength, unwavering determination, and willingness to rise up to whatever challenge the world has to throw at them.


General Appearance

  Ulfgardians are typically fair skinned, with blue, grey, or (rarely) green eyes, and either blonde, black, or red hair. They also stand a few inches taller than most other humans, and are slightly more muscular as well.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Edel, Jorunn, Niamh, Brigit, Maren, Vera, Signe, Irene, Hilde, Sara

Masculine names

Tor, Lauchlan, Ivar, Sigmund, Arnor, Magnus, Flynn, Hallfrid, Oddvar, Knut

Family names

Helgesen, Kallestad, Skorrisson, Petersen, Breland, Evenstad, Langseth, Aase, Ulven, Runde


Culture and cultural heritage

Due to the hardships their ancestors faced when they first settled their homeland, Ulfgardians have developed a reputation for being a hardy, self-sufficient people. These traits have resulted in the Ulfgardians developing a culture that champions personal strength and determination, rarely ever backing down from a challenge.

Common Dress code

Ulfgardian clothing is made of a mix of fur, leather, and cloth, and is designed to provide insulation against the cold of their homeland.

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