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Located near the northern coast of North Ordan, Azgral is the capital of the nation of Ordan. As one of the earliest settlements established after their arrival in Imera, the city of Azgral is considered a place of great significance to the Orcs. It's from here that the Great Chief rules over all of Ordan, and where the decisions that affect Ordan and the Orcish people are made.


The population of Azgral is almost exclusively made up of Orcs, with around 70% of them being Frost Orcs, with the remainder being Plains Orcs. Among the few non-Orcs found within the city, the majority of are Humans (mostly of Ulfgardian or Vraelian descent) and Drakai. Citizens of the city fall into a number of occupations, including smiths, bards, diplomats, and sailors.


The current reigning Great Chief rules over the city of Azgral, as well as the rest of Ordan. All taxes collected within the city are put towards maintaining buildings and infrastructure, s well as maintenance of the ships in the local harbour, with the excess being stored for emergencies and negotiations.


The city is surrounded by tall stone walls, which are patrolled by armed lookouts during times of conflict. During a conflict, any ships that are docked at the city will also attempt to prevent enemy vessels from reaching the harbour. Deeper within the city lies the citadel of Ard Kheshnur, which rests on an elevated position compared to the rest of the city, and contains the Hall of the Great Chief, as well as most of the military buildings. This citadel, like the rest of the city, is also surrounded by stone walls, and serves as a final fallback point in the event that the outer defences are breached.

Industry & Trade

Azgral does extensive trade with the other cities of Ordan, and also participates in naval trade along the coast.


Azgral has a well-maintained network of stone roads connecting it to other settlements, as well as a large smithy, a large harbour, and the Hall of the Great Chief.


Azgral has several supply routes connecting it to some of the major settlements of North Ordan, as well as a large marketplace, and a large harbour with numerous ships docked within.

Points of interest

The Hall of the Great Chief: Located within the citadel of Ard Kheshnur, the Hall of the Great Chief is the seat of power of the Great Chief of Ordan. It's within the walls of this building where the Great Chief rules, where their successor's crowned, and where decisions that affect the entirety of Ordan and the Orcish people are made.


The buildings of Azgral are built from wood and stone. The Hall of the Great Chief resembles a larger version of the Great Halls found in the other settlement of Ordan, from which the local chiefs rule.


Azgral is located along the northern coast of Ordan, in a snowy plain. The waters along the coastline are also mostly frozen over, though the area around the harbour has been cleared out.

Natural Resources

The waters around the harbour provide fish.
Included Locations
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