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Ard Kheshnur

Located within the Orcish capital of Azgral, the citadel of Ard Kheshnur is the seat of power of the Great Chief, and the cities final line of defence in the event of an attack. Once the site of the first Orcish settlement before its expansion, Ard Kheshnur holds great historical significance to the Orcs, and is one of the most culturally significant places within Azgral and beyond. Between this and the its strong defences, many Orcs believe that so long as Ard Kheshnur stands, Ordan will never truly fall.


The population of Ard Kheshnur is exclusively made up of Frost Orcs, with Plains Orcs forming a small minority. Additionally, the citadel is the place of residence of many of the most influential members of Orcish society, including the Great Chief and their family, and renowned warriors (including the Chieftains champions), to name a few examples.


Like the rest of the city of Azgral beyond its walls, Ard Kheshnur is under the rulership of the Great Chief.


Ard Kheshnur is surrounded by tall stone walls similar to those that surround the rest of Azgral, though these are more built up compared to the city walls. Additionally, the citadel sits on a hill overlooking the city, giving it an elevated position from which the defenders may fire on approaching invaders more easily. Since many of the best warriors within the city are garrisoned here, the inside of the citadel would be just as heavily defensible as the outside, especially once said garrison's reinforced by warriors from the city who've fallen back to the citadel.


Like the rest of Azgral, Ard Kheshnurs structures are built from a mix of stone and wood, with the Hall of the Great Chief being built to resemble a larger version of the great halls of other settlements.


Ard Kheshnur is built on a hill along the northern coast of Ordan, and is surrounded by a snowy plain.
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