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Ard Krogvak

Ard Krogvak is a large fortress located within the Sundered Path in the Ridgeback Mountains. As the largest fortification south of the Frostlands, it also the first line of defence and gateway to North Ordan, the lands that were originally settled by the Orcs before their southward expansion beyond the Ridgeback Mountains. Due to its role in keeping their homeland safe, as well as its reputation for being almost impossible to breach, Ard Krogvak and the soldiers garrisoned there are well respected by the Orcish people.


The garrison of Ard Krogvak is comprised almost entirely of Orcs, with Humans forming a very small minority.


The fortress of Ard Krogvak is directly overseen by the local commander, who in turn receives orders from the clans.


The fortress of Ard Krogvak is built within the mouth of the Sundered Path, a large mountain pass that serves as the most direct route between North and South Ordan, making it approachable only from the north or south. This means that if any invaders try to cross the Ridgeback Mountains, they'll have to either take one of the smaller, longer paths further along the mountain range, or risk a direct assault on the fort. In the event of an attack, both of the forts gates will be barred, all of the forts missile infantry will begin firing on the enemy. If the attacking force manages to break into the fort, the defenders will use the forts layout to funnel them into disadvantageous positions.


Ard Krogvak has a large courtyard at its centre, a smithy for forging and maintaining weapons and armour, gates at the north and south entrances, barracks for the soldiers, and a storehouse for storing food brought in from the nearby settlements.


Barracks: This section of the fortress is where the soldiers garrisoned here spend most of their time. Covering the largest section of the fortress, the barracks are a large stone building with many rooms where soldiers can rest, and its floor plan is designed to allow any soldiers within to rapidly mobilise at a moments notice.

Armoury: This section of the fortress is where its garrison store and receive their arms and armour, and where one can find the smithy.

Mess Hall: This is where the soldiers garrisoned at the fort receive their meals, as well as where the forts food supply is located.

Keep: The keep is a stone structure located directly opposite the barracks, and contains the commanders quarters, as well as the war room.


Ard Krogvak has a large supply of weapons and armour, as well as the tools and materials to forge and repair them. It also has a large store of food, enough to last at least a week.

Points of interest

The North and South Gates: These gates serve as the only two points of entry into the fortress. The south gate leads out into the plains of South Ordan, while the north gate leads into the Sundered Path, the large mountain pass that leads through the Ridgeback Mountains into North Ordan.


Ard Krogvak is constructed from solid stone, with tall walls and iron gates. The buildings within the fort are very utilitarian in design, with four sides and sloped roofs.


Ard Krogvak sits at the mouth of the Sundered Path, a mountain pass that cuts through the Ridgeback Mountains, and serves as the most direct route between North and South Ordan. This places the mountains on either side of the fortress, making it accessible only from the north and south.
Alternative Name(s)
The Gate of Ordan
Military, Base


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