Tower of Souls

A pathfinder campaign.

Pathfinder Campaign

This world is developed as part of the Pathfinder campaign, Tower of Souls. The party started as a group of 5 within The Floor of Strength ; it has since grown to a rotating cast of 7 characters! They've explored Floor 1, besting great clockwork behemoths and goblin camps. They defeated a cult, climbed to The Floor of Dexterity, witnessed the aftermath of Jaxton's wrath that was directed at Beachcastle . They snuck by the Tamworth guards, up to The Floor of Health , and crossed the desert. They've met Locorin , they heard his final words , and have made it all the way to The Floor of Study , nearly losing a member along the way. The campaign has been full of hardships for the party, and will be full of yet more. The story will see them attempting to climb all the way to the top of the tower, as per Locorin's request.   They have a foe, however. Jaxton Saleg , whom they met on their very first session. Jaxton is a very old soul from within Synthacrosia. He's become jaded, and appears to be showing signs of outside influence upon his soul. He too is driven to reach the top of Synthacrosia, but his motives remain mysterious. Locorin urged the heroes to beat Jaxton to the top, or to stop him at all costs, lest he let The Dark One in.   A few mechanics are used within the story to keep players immersed, and to keep continuity. Each player within Synthacrosia has a bracelet; a Crystalline Power Bracelet Device . The ones the players have are vibrant versions of said bracelets, coming with extra powers to enhance the characters. Characters may also "hibernate" within these bracelets; should the character need to step out of the story for a while, they may do so by transferring themselves into the bracelet, which may then be picked up and carried by a fellow party member.
Those who would climb the tower of souls cover

The Cast


Character | Aug 20, 2019

A university professor, before an unfortunate accident while experimenting with planar teleportation. An elf witch, with an aptitude for lightning.

Opal has shown time and time again that she's here to learn, and protect the allies she makes along the way. Even going so far as to call her new allies her friends, she uses her considerable lightning skills to decimate any who threaten those around her. She takes time out of blasting to heal her friends, should they find themselves injured.

Character | Aug 20, 2019

A previous general in the Ereborian army, caught up in a quest to take down a necromancer, tragically dying. Now in purgatory, and furious.

Rusticus is a classic barbarian, diving headfirst into any and all confrontations. Rusticus takes great comfort in knowing he has allies to back him up, but will often break away from the group in a single minded drive for glory and combat. Ocassionally he brings himself to within a step of a second deaths door, but is always saved with some quick healing from his allies.


Naro Velis
Character | Aug 20, 2019

Betrayed by the ones he thought he was closest to. A young man cut down early in life, nervous to trust those around him again.

Naro, when joined forms with his closest friend Markus, is a 6 armed whirlwind of destruction. During combat, his often split mind will drive him either into the heart of combat, or away to defend himself. When not in combat, Naro is more vulnerable; he's experienced hurt and betrayal in his life, and is ashamed of where he comes from.

Ryder Kabaleyro
Character | Aug 20, 2019

Raised within a secret society, but executed when tainted via the very artifacts he was tasked to find. Cursed to roam purgatory with his new partner, Kir.

Ryder has lost many of his early memories, a fault of a parasitic artifact that gives him his power. Seemingly a magnet for cursed artifacts, he's also now stuck with his companion, the massive Kir. Ryder and Kir have become an inseperable team; Ryder standing back, using magic to assist Kir and his allies, while Kir becomes an unstoppable force wading through foes.


Tiddles the Partizan
Character | Aug 20, 2019

The friendly bard, banger of drums. Versed in war, sadness, hope, and storytelling. Tiddles is here to help bring those around him up.

Tiddles made peace with his life before dying; he accepted his fate. There were no more stories to tell, and his had reached its natural end. Thus when he awoke in Synthacrosia, it was not without significant confusion. Seeing this as a chance to learn yet more stories, Tiddles thanked his stars, and moved forward with enthusiasm. He holds his allies in high regards, and will do what it takes to see their story to the conclusion.

Character | Aug 20, 2019

Grizzled war vet with an aptitude for acid, and thirst for revenge. In his final moments, watched as his crew was ambushed, losing their lives.

Lisk was a jaded realist during his life, even before he and his crew were ambushed and slaughtered. When he arrived in Synthacrosia, those personality traits were amplified. He spent years wandering The Floor of Strength alone, feeling no hunger, no thirst, trying to remember his death. He got mixed in with Jaxton for a time, before leaving; he eventually joined the party of heroes, now with a grudge against Jaxton.

Character | Aug 20, 2019

Xora is a very old soul, but new to Synthacrosia; her time was a time of pantheons and gods, and thus her version of purgatory was entirely different from reality.

Xora has existed within Synthacrosia for an incredibly long time, but every time she leaves her bracelet, she finds purgatory to not be what she wants it to be. Her bracelet was gathered up by the party of heroes near the beginning of their adventure; when Xora finally returned, she was surprised to find herself in their company. She's slowly starting to trust these new people, as they bring her out of her shell.

Campaign Highlights

Log 5: The Stairs are in Use Once Again
Report | Aug 21, 2019

The party clears the first floor! After a battle with the Cult of Ascension, the party gains access to their very first set of stairs. The climb begins!

Log 8: The Center
Report | Aug 21, 2019

After an exceedingly gruelling time within the First Floor Interstitial space, the party finally bests the puzzle locking them from the stairway up. Within the now unlocked room is their foe, Jaxton.

Log 10: A Boat Down the River
Report | Aug 21, 2019

The sound of music and laughter floats down the river, as the party takes a boat from Weirborough. The party experiences fishing, being raided, and fighting great beasts during this voyage.

Log 12: A Trial of Sand and Scorpions
Report | Aug 21, 2019

The party has reached the Third Floor! The sand, and newly acquired thirst, bog down the party on their journey to the center of this floor. A miss-step brings the party into scorpion territory.

Log 13: The Pause Between Chapters
Report | Aug 21, 2019

Rest time for the party; they meet a friendly druid, hiding out in an Oasis in the desert of Floor 3. She shares with them her mindwalk cacti, and the party relives the memories of their death.

Log 15: A chance meeting with the creator
Report | Aug 21, 2019

At the center of Floor 3 is Sanctuary. Here, the party finds Locorin, gravely injured. He has limited time and limited capacity to think; still, he tells them what he can, and gives them great gifts before dying his final death.

Log 17: Resurrections
Report | Aug 21, 2019

The party opens a door, and finds themselves in their second interstitial level. Here, the darkness is hiding secrets, and death. Moments before one of the members dies, the party learn someone has been recording their travels.


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