The Floor of Study


The entire floor is an ocean, vast with few landmarks. Two large cities mark the corners of the floor; Wandermere to the north east, and Blackridgepool to the south west. In the middle of the floor is the large hill known as Mammoth Hill , where the stairs to the next floor are located.   Some time ago, after a brief conflict, Mammoth Hill was locked off by a massive impenetrable forcefield.


  • Map of 4th Floor

    4. The fourth floor's second name is unknown for now. The floor appears to consist entirely of one giant ocean. It's Nob's dream to make it up to this floor, to sail the open seas for the rest of his life.

  • Map of Greenminster Expeditionary Map

    The map found along with the few journal pages from the The Greenminster Expedition . The map is the sole remaining map of Greenminster Island, located within the The Deep of Greenminster . A splash of blood is found on the map, unknown if it is related to the disaster that befell the lost souls from the expedition.

Alternative Name(s)
Floor 4
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