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This article discuses mild adult topics
A portrait of Divina wearing a leather harness and a bell necklace, and holding a cup and a spicy red fruit
"We hang spicy fruits atop the stage, then we crush them... no, wait, we fill them with red liquor and get the dancer under it... it would be spicy, though. Do we have a dancer that likes spicy liquor?"
— Divina, while planning their next show
Native from Stunveldt and shunned by their people, Divina is perhaps the most unique looking member of The Deep-Throated Auralists, a group of erotic musicians based in the City of Birdland.  

Physical aspect

Divina is a segmented societarian of mantis phenotype, with dull green skin, brown eyes and bright green antennae.   Several brightly coloured rings are pierced through their body, including one imitating a navel piercing, even though segmented societarians don't have such an anatomical feature.   Divina likes to dress in unconventional ways, reflecting their quirky personality. They like to wear pieces that are ragged or can barely be considered proper clothing and to combine them with heavy, elaborate pieces for a somewhat confusing look.
Divina also likes wearing neck kerchiefs, collars and pendants and, as most segmented, keeps their tail segment uncovered to the disgust of those with an unfortunate combination of knowledge and prudeness.  


Divina is a quirky folk, that is usually found by others to be way too lost into their own train of thought and its own logic and rules. They are a social and extrovert person, both enthusiastic and able to calm down and enjoy some time for relaxation with their friends.   People usually find Divina to be friendly and likeable, but also overwhelming, especially when they get a bout of inspiration and are unable to stop themselves from brain-dumping ideas into the nearest pair of ears.

Likes & Dislikes

Divina has an interest in anything they consider new and inventive. They despise traditionalism and conservatism, thinking they prevent people from discovering new ways and ideas.   They enjoy spicy food, as well as trying out new, exotic dishes that other people may consider gross or too different.
  Despite their line of work, Divina rarely expresses sexual attraction or desire and prefers to experience pleasure through alternative means, such as music and sensual exploration.  


"I am not getting an admiration day, spicy dog. I am not getting a medley and you can thank the king if I get a doula when I'm dying. I have to admire my achievements myself and make every day my day.
Their sense of community only applies when they still consider you one of them. I am an outsider here and there. The four of you are my community now."
— A very late night conversation with Adikari under the starry night
The Stunveldti are a reclusive and tight knit people. Generous, egaelitarian and selfless, but only to each other, and only for those who conform to their views.
Already weary of those that emigrate anywhere other than Ruh, they see emigrants both as people that abandoned their communal duties and that need to be models of the Stunveldti culture to "represent" them in other islands.   As a terrible model of any Stunveldti value, Divina doesn't feel welcome with their people, but they are also seen as an exotic, different person in Thaur.
As a consequence, they don't feel tied to a particular cultural or social identity and usually resists any pressure to conform to mainstream culture.

Undeserved pronouns

While Thaur recognises the most typical 4 genders system of the archipelago (women, men, neutral and shifting) as being up to the choosing of each individual, Stunveldt has the neutral gender and its they/them pronouns as a sort of honour that has to be granted to a person by the community, a recognition of the achievements of people with great strength of mind and empathy.   Divina started identifying themselves as neutral once they settled in Thaur, enraging the already dissaproving Stunveldti society, who consider this akin to faking a qualification.

Life as a musician

Divina was one of the founders of The Deep-Throated Auralists after they met Adikari at a Horror Circle's meeting.
After discovering their shared interest in auralism, the use and study of sounds and music as erotic pieces, both got into the task of finding similarly minded people to try what had not successfully been done in the Haan Archipelago before: a band of musicians entirely dedicated to the creation of pieces that use The Good Sounds to induce arousal on the listeners.   Finishing their lineup with Vigil, Rake and Mercy, The Deep-Throated managed to become a staple of the kink scene in Thaur.
The band is popular in houses of pleasures and are especially active in the Path of Delights Café, a house of pleasures in the centre of Birdland that saw their beginnings and grew with them.  

Divina's Instruments


Massive and impractical, organs are Divina's main instrument, but also the one that they can only play in venues that already have one in store.   It is murmured that the Path of Delights supplied themselves with one just for the Deep-Throated to play.

Aprehension Engine

Popular among auralists, this contraption is designed to produce a variety of unsettling sounds to add an atmosphere of suspense and anticipation to the band's performances.   Divina commissioned a personalized one for themselves, which they carry everywhere they go to play.

Hurdy Grande

Created by an auralist, this instrument is a twist of the more traditional hurdy-gurdy that gets propped up on a stand and requires a foot to work the crank with a pedal.   It produces deep, versatile sounds that Divina resorts to when an organ is not available.
Praying mantis
Chaotic Neutral
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Character | Jun 12, 2022

An actor, dancer and erotic singer from Thaur

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This is great, so far. I can't wait to see what else you do with it, and shall keep my eyes peeled. So far my favorite concepts are just the very notion of "erotic musicians," plus the fact that Divina's instrument of choice—the organ—is something that a town/society has to purposefully install or otherwise have on hand in order to woo Divina to perform for them.

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