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Snaleshi Swamps

The Snaleshi Swamps are a region of Potestatem. It is one of the most remote regions of the world with a fierce independence streak.


The Snaleshi Swamps is the low land region between the ocean, the Dawn Mountain Range and the West Jungles of Foisham. This flat expanse leaves region vulnerable to the frequent Tsunamis caused by the nearby Korvas Vortex. These Inundations define the entire region.   The lower regions are constantly dealing with Inundation Events, leaving the area frequently submerged underwater. What landmass is above the waterline can vary significantly from day to day in this area. What land can be found in the lower region is often a series of small islands.   The upper regions of the swamp are naturally more insulated from Inundation. As such, they are more land then water, with the region consisting of many small rivers and ponds.


The ecosystem, like the geography, is defined by Inundation Events. Animals and plants have evolved specifically to thrive in the hot, humid and salt water rich environment provides; evolving unique ways of dealing with the wave surges.   The lower region is especially well known for a variety of unique plants and animals found only in the area. The upper region is more a mix of generic Potestatem wildlife and unique Snaleshi varieties.

Localized Phenomena

Snalesh is an extremely remote region on Potestatem. A significant reason for this is the existence of a localized arcane phenomena known as the "Snalesh field."   The field is considered to be a by product of the metaphysical nature of the Tree of Snalesh. The trees creation of Drastrix Fruit interferes with the ambient Zeal in the atmosphere, causing the field.   Inside the field, which roughly encompasses the entire region, long range teleportation spells and magic items which allow for arcane transportation, fail. Slivers of Divinity also take longer to rest and recover their abilities. Why the tree interferes with these things specifically, is unknown.


The climate of the Snaleshi Swamps is a hot and humid one. Ideal for the proliferation of life. The heat is occasionally tempered by the Inundation Events as the cool salt water lowers the temperature of the region by several degrees.

Fauna & Flora

The flora and fauna which have evolved to thrive in Snalesh have all learned to co exist with the Inundation Events.   The plants found in Snalesh, from the trees to the shrubs, have all convergently evolved a unique method of dealing with the oncoming waves. All plants in Snalesh grow a massive root network which allows them to detect sudden spikes in salinity, which signal an oncoming tidal wave. Upon detecting it, the plants will fold in on themselves to reduce the impact area of the wave. This, along with the large root network to anchor them, lets them absorb the tidal wave without being uprooted. Upon the tidal waves retreat, the plants are able to unfold themselves.   Animals in Snalesh have evolved a more varied strategy to avoiding the waves. Some have developed burrowing abilities which allow them to hide underground. Many have gained the ability to fly so they can escape the dangers. More still have unique senses of smell or sight which tip them off to an incoming wave, enabling them to take appropriate action.

Natural Resources

The Drastrix Fruit is the unique natural resource found in Snalesh. It is highly valuable to Slivers of Divinity and non slivers alike.


Only the oral traditions of the Lizardfolk can tell us of the early history of the region. In these tales, it is said that the lizard tribes fought mighty wars with the Yuan-Ti of the West Jungles of Foisham, who were at the time fleeing the encroaching Pandora plant while simultaneously attempting to enslave the Lizardfolk.   By the time of the second era and recorded history in the region, these wars had ended with the Lizardfolk victorious. The colonization of the region by the Perisian Empire brought about another time of turmoil for the land, as the Spirit of Snalesh was created to defend the Snaleshi's independence. It was these wars and their fallout which gave the land it's current identity.   The third era was actually a mostly peaceful time for the swamps. The remoteness of the region worked in it's favor for most of the era, as the world forgot about it in it's turmoil. Still, not all was well as Snalesh gave it's life and possibly it's soul defending the land from the Destroyer when it invaded the Swamp during the final years of the third era.   The fourth era is another turbulent time for the swamps. The emergence of Drastrix Fruit has brought unwanted attention to the region, as many of the worlds most powerful and wealthy figures attempt to purchase the untethered Sliver of Divinity. Nations such as the Dawn Empire encroach on the swamps sovereignty while Sine Fine Vitem poses a serious threat from the West Jungles of Foisham.


The difficulty of getting to Snalesh and the hostility of it's people and environment often causes the region to be ignored by the wider world. Only the Drastrix Fruit makes the region noteworthy. Few slivers bother venturing to the remote land.
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Snaleshi, Swamp Valley, Snake Land, Snake River Valley, Snaleshi Bayou, The Bayou
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