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Tomb of Armong

Nicknamed the Tomb of greed, Armong utilized his wit and cunning to create a tomb intended to outsmart and trick those who enter. In the end it just comes off as a bad joke.   The Tomb is filled with sentient magic items, simple descsions with clues, and puzzles. While the Tomb doesn't pose much danger, it can be extremely frustrating to complete. Passage through certain chambers can rely entirely on the whim of the sentient items or Armongs descsion of the solution at the time. Many Burgeond make attempts at the place over the course of many weeks so as to not lose to much time at once going through it. Armong is rumored to have secret tunnels throghout it to observe and amuse himself with those who pass through it. Those who complete the tomb will find any Burgeond powers they have multiplied, but otherwise empty handed as Armong says his money is his as long as he lives.
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