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City within the Hazfen desert. Owned and operated by the Hazfen Empire.   With uniting rivers Ha and Eni coming to form the Hazfen River at its souther border, the town is a center of trade. Dwarves willing to trade with Hazfeni come down from the mountains by boat to trade precious forged and crafted items with magical ones.    Burgeonend often can be spotted in the city as they make sure important goods are acquired or on time to make their way downriver to the capital Ampoule. With government and trade attention the town has flourished to nearly nine thousand inhabitants with much more passing through daily. The cities triangle shape, double fortress walls, and three hundred degrees of river protection have made it a long-standing fortress for several hundred years.   The leader of Ptah is the Burgeond Khandaq The Steel Wall. Khandaq has long guarded the city and brought second wave of the Dawn Empire's last army to a halt through sheer genius. The war is now at a standstill due to his existence, or so it is said in the Hazfen Empire.   Rasu of Ptah sits in the south end of the cities region and helps Khandaq The Steel Wall with advanced spellcraft from time to time. It is also said the two hate each other, or are the closest of friends. The two's extended lifespans have created many longstanding rumors that contridict eachother and have origins from before most were alive in the city.


  • Ptah
    Northernmost city of the Hazfen
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Head of the Hazfen
Large city
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