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Sigh Dunes

Named for the Sigh that crawl beneath it the Sigh Dunes long ago emptied of life. Dunes themselves long ago blew into the tunnels and collapses crevasses these creatures have made here. Hazfen Empire agents are stuck in an eternal guerrilla war with the creatures that call this place home.


Rocky and crisscrossed with trenched scars, the Sigh dunes look like a battlefield. The Spiked and infinite Dawn Mountain Range - Fotgral Kegbrand tower over these dunes and crevasses. Southern area's of the Sigh feature greater quantities of dunes but they end at the Hazfen River. Western regions will feature occasional oasis or smaller rivers coming off the mountains. Traveling easterly the air dries from one's lungs as the mountains block any small hope of rain and dump their rivers to their eastern flanks, away from the desert.    A labyrinth of thin tunnel crisis cross under the dunes and rocky ground, only one creature uses these.


Due to lesser dune quantities, some ecosystem is possible. Smaller plants and medium hardier ones grasp life deep in the crevasses and around the more common oasis. The rocky ground provides great hold than any sand could. Tall frog-like plants feature pouches of water high up or within hard shells, small shrubbery blows across the ground with the crisp breezes. Deep in the ravines or trenches, many funguses and vines fill in the shaded cracks clinging to life. Many insects find life and support some smaller beasts, many that are cold-blooded or move in minimal but quick amounts to conserve energy.    The greatest feature and namesake of the sigh dunes is the Sigh themselves. They have lived within this region for nearly a thousand years. Digging, tunneling, and burrowing that whole time they have carved the desert geography into their home. Using the ravines and unseen underground network, they hunt. No large beasts, creatures, or any other life lives in the Sigh due to this species alone. They hunt what small life does wander in as well as stage wolf-like raids on what few settlements there are.


  • Astelefena
    Small northern city on the edge of the Sigh Dunes in the Hazfen. Noted for it's exceptionally haggard population.
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Void Dunes, The Land Shark Sea, Northern Dunes
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