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Dawn Mountain Range - Fotgral Kegbrand

Tree of Stone, Dwarfvalm, Dawn Mountains, Potestatem's Spine; these are but the most popular names for my, Fotgral Kegbrand's, homeland.   Bisecting the central continent and dividing it between the jungles of Foisham to the north and the regions surrounding the Sea of Poison Fire to the south, the mountain range is perhaps the most defining feature of the region. Truly a work of natural beauty, whichever ancient entity that created it must have been a true artist.   The mountain range is split between two sections, known as the "Roots," and the "Stem." Separating these two areas is theĀ Illani Forest Pass.


"The gorges and peaks which define the Dwarfvalm are only matched in beauty by the wonders of the Dwarfval." - Fotgral Kegbrand
The Dawn Mountain Range contains two very different ecosystem. The surface of the mountains which is known as the Dwarfvalm and the various caves and tunnels under the mountains known as the Dwarfval.   The Dwarfvalm is defined by high mountain ridges matched with deep ravines which stretch into the caves below. No mountain range on Potestatem boasts such high natural beauty. Rapid elevation changes combined with frequent snowfall makes extended travel through the Dwarfvalm nearly impossible.   Underground, the Dwarfval is defined by hundreds of twisting mountain caves and winding tunnels which branch throughout the range. These caves and tunnels can be found both big and small and boast unique ecosystems not found anywhere else on Potestatem.


The Dwarfvalm ecosystem boasts few fauna and a pathetic array of flora in the high icy mountainous areas but in the lower ravines has an ecology similar to a temperate forest.   Underground the ecosystem is defined by photoluminescence. Nearly all plants throughout the Dwarfval glow either purple, red or orange.   All native animals, including the Goblinoid and Dwarf species, have dark vision.
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Tree of Stone, Dwarfvalm, Potestatem's Spine
Mountain Range
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