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Alan ((Ah-Lawn))

In these slums you will have not
you have dirt
ight with the buried dead for that spot.
Pray they end your hurt
Local Tavern Song Overheard
  The city of Alan is a multilayred semi underground nercropolis. Truly a 'city of the dead.' Foul allyways that can literally melt the flesh from the living space apart shacks packed to the brim with the living. The father below the surface one slips the less living one may find. The huge gaping cracks expand each year to consume the surface. Below where the gases build. In the darkness, fog, and death below it is nearly impossible for the common mortal to survive. There though one might find the catacombs, ruins, or even Alans Tomb. There ancient Lichs, mad mages, and other horrific creatures build, find and rerebuild, and study the paths of their predeccassors.

Endless Slums

The surface is coated in a thick dense layer of shacks made from any material possible. There the living are able to out pace waves of death and undead. Many are slaves to various criminal overlords or to an addiction that laid them low. A few fetid fortresses and mansion house the imperials of the city. Featuring relgious cults to Repliti Inalis, vampiric lords, necromancers, and rich nobles these manors make sure to blast any shacks that creep to close overnight.   Up here one may safely learn the most basic of information on what is down below so as to save time dilly dallying in the much more dangeorus lower regions.

The Shallows

The first three layers below the surface are known as the shallows. There marsh water drains into sludge and stands still to grow ever more disgusting. Heavy natural and arcane gases pour from above into larger more potent pools as well. The buildings are often made of stone or hang from the cielings to provide more permananet residence. Most living found in this region are not long for this world. Dim light is considered a blessing in this dark corner.

The Deep

Here below those kind upper caverns no light reaches. Most need not torches or fires here anyways. No living who don't wield great power step foot here. Piles of corpses from above slip into these sharp ravines and short tunnels. This area is rumored to be the highest elevated region of the underdark, those those rumors likely don't know how tropical the underdark is in comparison.   Most creatures and forces in this region which to be left alone by do gooders and time here. Many dark forces gather to spill out or dig deeper on this level.

The Ruins

An infinte set of the most vile traps and halls have been constructed here. Wandering hoards and monsters help secure this region. While it is free of vile gases, puddles, and stenche, that is only to please the evil monsters who created this area over thousands of lifetimes in order to protect their powerful knowledge, vaults, and arcane powers.

Alans Tomb

It is said, at the very bottom, beneath all of this, lays a single chamber. Nothing keeps things out from here. It was contructed to keep that thing in.


Alternative Name(s)
City of death, deep grave, undead capital, the anti sliver, Alan's Tomb, The infinte slums.
~ 360,000
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