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Desolation of Alan

Home of the Greatwyrm of Black, known as Alan, the place holds only fetid life. Death surrounds the very dirt of the long coastline. Undead teem every city and necromancers flock to this place of undeath and destruction.


The Desolation of Alan is a super large curved peninsula sitting on the north coast of the main continent. In the western hemisphere, it is far from most of the worlds largest civilzations with only the arcane viel being nearby.   The region is a desolate wasteland of ancient forests, bogs, mires, plains, deserts, rolling hills, caverounous ravines, and all other difficult and horrifying land scapes. It is dominated by its deep salty bogs that march around its entire coast. The bogs hide thick brutal undead and deep caverns that will suck many travelers down into the mud never to be seen again. Inland will reveal stony landscapes and dark woods choked by vines and mosses. There is no natural beauty to this place except for the beauty of death.


What little there is to mention on the classic idea of an Ecosystem clings to life here. Hardy reptellian creatures, insects, and other things resilant to poisons, molds, and necrotic energies manage to make a living in this place. The marshes hold some signs of life that has the unluck of coming in from the ocean onto the desolate shores. Inland scavengers and cavern dwelling beasts make do from the rotting flesh of the undead.   The truly unique flourshing "ecosystem" is that of the undead in this region. Necrotic energies cling to the very bedrock of the land. Most corpses will get up without a single spell being cast on them. Zombies, skeletons, crawling limbs, spectres, ghosts, and slimes / oozes make bank in this region. Like clean mountain air is to the living, the choked breathless region of Alan is to the undead.   Fungus's and some hardy plant life has managed to puncuture the regions tendacies to end anything made of cells.

Ecosystem Cycles

Due to the lack of biomass, it is difficult to measure a real life cycle of the region. What is more pertitent as well as easier to measure are the cycles of undead hordes that wander out of the region. Much the same as those who live near the greentide hills, wandering bands of brutal warriors will come from the regions and attack those nearby. For unique reasons in each case.

Localized Phenomena

Many black glass asteroids, unholy rituals, and the theorized corpse of the destroyer, have left this land devoid of life. Many gardners will find even their hardy plants suddenly peckish for water, air and nutrients in the soil. Basic bacterial life seem to only exsist to cause rot but not to create plentiful soil. It is said even the microbes are undead in the land here.   Alan the black Greatwyrm and his necrotic breath have scorched the land for hundreds of years here. Despite the vast size of the region, many pockets of this slimy anti life still cause wastelands to exist.   The Desolation is also one of the few homes to still have Destroyer Breath clinging to its soil. Mutations of dying flesh into monstronsities is common.  

Divine Phenomena

The Desolation Curse

The region is known for its lack of good, for evil wins here. The desolation curse drives away those who would come in and sanctify and fight the evils of the land. The curse has many properties but the most feared of which is the sliver wither.
  • Sliver Wither Curse: The first time someone is ressurected after entering the Desolation they will lose half their slivers.
    • Cure: A remove curse spell will save one additional sliver after ressureciton. Each cast often causes exhaustion for unknown reasons.
  • Moral Degrade: The regions necrotic energies seek out and punish those attached to holy, divine, and other wise raidant forces. This is shown in misfires of spells, unheard prayers, and alignments changing from good to evil in extreme cases
  • Flesh Rot: Diseases in the region prosper. Many who enter the area find their toughest battles are in their bodies rather than in the field.

Deaths Domain

While life is considered natural in other regions, undead are the norm in this region. Undead seem to benefit in increased healing, resources renewal, and growth rate. In short, they are overall stronger. Common undead experince this on a much small scale. For example, liches often report having to refill their phylactery much less while living in the area.


Evil, vile, taboo acts and magics have been regularly done within regions borders. Many of these actions have interfered with the Temples connection or severed it. Clerics, priests, and those who follow the good dieties of Potestatem will feel alone, pressured, weak, or even find their powers lost completely. Many rituals and spells don't function, or can revert this by hallowing the land.


The land sits along the warm equator of Potestatem. The balmy humidity would normally give rise to a jungle. Instead moss's simply grow from the skulls of the wandering undead hoards. Fungal life prospers in this region despite the lack of edible Biomass. The theorized lack of competition a mushroom might normally find does not exsist.
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Realm of death, The Big Graveyard, Kingdom of the Undead, The Tomb of Ages, Destroyers Grave
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