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Cluferuk Archipelago

The largest set of islands known to Potestatem. On a planet with multiple oceans these land masses would be continents. Due to presence of only two large continents and one large ocean, they qualify as islands here for relative reasonings.


The Archipelago is a vast region and encompasses many types of geography. A unique portion of geography to the region are the sky islands. Huge cliffs with racing waterfalls come from the chunks of earth that rush upward out of the ocean suddenly and then gently rest back into the water. The exact mechanics of what islands are thrust upward are mysterious. A mix of the Brass Greatwyrm Zomrimtur, the nearby Korvas Vortex, the Fae woods and   Nine large islands dominate the Archipelago. They descriptions are given below. They are listed from largest to smallest from top to bottom of the list. Innumerable smaller islands that still measure hundreds of square miles exsist within the Archipelago. The islands themselves vary wildily in geography as the region extends from the equator up into the edge Mammoth Steppe. Two broad strokes could catogarize the islands as either tropical paradises, or frozen waste lands with a transition in between.  


The largest and 'main' island of the Archipelago. Located on the western edge of the standard scroll of Potestatem. The island is massive and roughly shaped like a twin tailed bird with its left wing open and right wing bent. Hunreds of miniscule islands surrounds its shores and even within its lakes. The Island experinces temperate to tropical weather.   Home to dozens of trade ports and bays the islands see's a lot of naval traffic. It is one of three stops for the Bronze Greatwyrm Zomrimtur.

Red Turtle

The second largest island. Located just outside the frozen Mammoth Steppe The large island has a cooler and wetter weather pattern than its southern counterparts. The northern coasts of the island even recive glacial ice occasinally.   The island is named after the large number of dragon turtle corpses, nests, and egg shells that lay on its southern coast. While the other coasts see nearly none of these features, most sailors only pass by this south coast and thus the entire island was named after this partially descriptive trait. Some of the largest dragon turtles in the nearby water have bright blue shells said to be signs they are related to their ancestors who had much different anatmoys and environments.
  The combanation of Red and Turtle for the blue turtles is an unfortunate mistranslation from the natives that was literally translated. The actual translation more carefully understood means 'The Island north of the Red Island where the Turtle go.' That descriptive was much shorter in the orginal language which is now mostly lost.   This island is also one of three stops for the Bronze Greatwyrm Zomrimtur.


The unfourtunate forgotten child of the nine islands. Ever since the Scroll of Potetatem map was standardized this island has been hidden under the E and captil S of the scrolls title for hundreds of years. On top of that, it was caught up in Red Turtle's naming fiasco and misnamed.   Dispite its name, it is a island of red. Several active volcanoes and extra colorful scarlet canopys make the island appear as a bloody hill on the wave with ash swirling above it. A native people now lost to time have filled the island with intriguing but trapped ruins.


The fourthl largest and least hospitable Island in the archipelago. In the far north west, under the corner tip of the scroll map sits the long frozen wastes of Boinz. A frozen rainforest of life awaits unfourtunate travelers made of flesh. Here massive icy plantlife sits perfectly still and consumes the cold light of Lutae.


The island of stone men. Here on the fifth largest island of the archipelago giant eighteen footall stone golemns bury themselves up to the shoulders. The boot shaped island that sits in the south east of the region. This island is considered to be the last of the truly large islands and has a lot more traffic in the other due to this fact, its tropical weather, and closer proximity to the southern continent.   Large resorts and tourism attractions coat the island to visit the stone golemns as they have a rich history. Many say being able to see a golemn hobble across the land is a truly magnificent sight as well. In addition one may time their visit to see the Bronze Greatwyrm Zomrimtur and their storm curve across the western half of the island.   It is one of three stops for the Bronze Greatwyrm Zomrimtur.


One of two semi frozen small islands in the north. This one is shaped like a wolfs head and is just west of Red Turtle. This islnd is devoid of most signs of civilzation but has been known to hide some prominent pirate crews. A single city run by an eccentric and powerful warlord produces counter fit slivers within the center of the island.  


The other of the two semi frozen small islands in the north. This island sits between Suitrossa and Red Turtle. A haven for pirates, outcasts, and the like. It is said Zevil is the single most 'banished to' place on Potestatem. The sheer number of souls that have been dropped to be forgotten here far outnumbers the islands unemarkable details.  


One of three islands along the southern border of the archipelago. Shaped like a east facing dagger, Oikanaza is a wonderful tropical escape not too far from the southern continent. Underwater diving is extremely popular here as the great reefs are safe guarded by many benovlent sea dwellers.  


The western partner to Oikanaza that marks the edge of the great reefs. The upside down bust shaped island is home to several bronze dragons and has a small city run by them. Several chromatic dragons live in the nearby water and contest the island.  


The tenth semi included island. Jut south east of Oikanaza is the upside down hammer head shaped isle. Many scholars refute the islands inclusion in the archipelago due to, " moves far too much and is only semi present on the material..."

Localized Phenomena

Several huge hurricanes circle the region at all times. These are offshoot storms from the one great Zorm.  

The Great Zorm

The Bronze Greatwyrm Zomrimtur has live in the Archipelago for many lifetimes. For unknown reasons the greatwyrm has a strong hatred for flying ships of all kinds such as Spellwiggins. To enforce their hatred of the ships Zormitur has created a permanent storm that envolepes the dozen miles around itself.
The immedieate storm arround the Dragon is a titanic hurricane. Within this inner region of the storm there is no hope of any , vehicle, mount, or magically aided travel. The mid storm around the Dragon, which stretches about one hundred miles is a regular hurricane that holds a surmountable level of dangers. High level magic and portly vessels can survive this region of the storm with an expert crew. The outer storm that stretches nearly three hundred miles beyond the mid storm creates rough water and strong winds that will capsize rookie crews and unprepared travelers.
For those looking to avoid the storm going above or under it are the best options. Both come with extreme dangers. The storm usually sits several hundred feet above the water so traveling far beneath the waves can work. The Archipelago region has some of the most active and hostile underwater sealife. From sharks to sapient threats, or even the mythical kraken, the undersea is calm but more intelligently hostile.
Going over the storm will mean traveling some twelve miles up into the sky. Without constant flight ability this should prove impossible. If that were not enough Zomritur themself often chases ships that fly over their storm and plunges them into the clouds. A few reports have noted the inner storm is powerful enough to affect Zeal in the area. Teloporation and other magic aimed from outside the Zorms center are unreliable.
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