A term that refers to the vast deep region of Potestatems caves. These caverns were created in the first era and before by Divine Zeal. These caverns are usually far below the surface and much deeper than regular caverns. Most caverns that go below even a half mile underground become far to hot to live in. Lowstatem caverns are marked by their cool temperatures even at up to fifty miles below the surface. Most range closer to twenty to thirty miles below the surface.   This region can be accessible through the dwarven captial Thousand Spires of Bunulbilg - Fotgral Kegbrand and many other underground cities. Nearly no natural caverns connect to the region.  
The region goes by many other names such as The Underdark, The Deep, the under mountain, the dark realm, etc.


Besides for rocky sharp dangerous caverns, Lowstatem has a much richer subterranen enviroment than most caves. Crystals, rare ores and other minerals, fungus's, and ooze's all prospure here.

Localized Phenomena

The caverns remain cool due to the Divine Zeal cast thousands of years ago. Any natural caverns at this height are thosuands of degree's and disspear within weeks due to seismic acitivty.
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