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Illani Forest

The Llani Forest straddles the historic territories of the Dawn Empire, Memphia and Graacia. The forest is sprinkled with villages, especially along the forests coastline.


The Illani Forest i stretches from the Sea of Poison Fire and the Jungles of Foisham. The forest also goes between the Dawn Mountain Range in the gap between the two halves of the range.
The forest can be quiet hilly at times due to the nearby mountains.


The Illani Forest is a temperate forest oak forest. The defining feature of the forest is the Ferrum trees which are sporadically located throughout the forest. These trees, which loom over the forest create the only natural clearings in the otherwise densely packed oaken forest.

Ecosystem Cycles

Due to a lack of axial tilt on Potestatem most plants do not undergo seasonal change. The Illani Forest's trees are the exception. Due to a magical phenomenon linked to the Ferrum trees, the oak trees follow an Earth like pattern of seasonal leave loss and regrowth.

Fauna & Flora

The sentient species Goliath's are found in large numbers in this forest and many historians believe that they originated from this land.

Natural Resources

Ferrum trees are not only massive but their wood is highly prized.


The Illani Forest has been considered on the fringe of society since the first era. Nothing is known about the forest during this time period.
Slumberhaven was the only settlement to be founded by the Perisian Empire during the second era. They founded the fort town so that nominal control could be established and local Ferrum trees could be harvested for the Perisian Navy.
The fourth era saw the Illani Forest slip from the control of the Perisian Empire and due to destruction befalling many of the more civilized parts of the world the region actually experienced a population boom.

The fourth Era would see the expansion of civilization along the small river systems located in the region thanks to the increased population experienced during the third era. Recently, the Dawn Empire has taken control of the local villages and is attempting to take control of the Illani Forest. Despite the small population, the Illani Forest has since been a hotbed for insurrectionist movements due to the massive forests which sit outside the empire's control.
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