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Abyssus (Ab-iss-Us-s)

Window asteroids have long morphed the weather on Potestatem. Like the seasons of the Lutae Forge Hold valley. Abyssus is a massive black Window Asteroids that is so large its black light affects fully negate magic from area's it shines Lutae's light onto.


The asteroid is a smooth glass surface coated in cracks and smooth hill or valley like formations along its surface. These bends and cracks cause light that passes through it to bend and disperse or concentrate. The asteroids slight spin, slow orbit, and geography cause its affects on light to alter.   Under rare circumstances the light is concentrated to a location on Potestatem. These beams of pure anti-magic have been recorded to be down to three hundred meters in width or diamter, shape varying. The largest recorded beam of anti magic thrown by the asteroid was fifteen hundred miles in heigth and formed a nearly equaliteral triangle.   The inside of the asteroid has massive caverns of sharp shattered glass and chunks of stone.

Localized Phenomena

On the surface of the asteroid large sprays of anti magic can quickly move and catch nearby ships causing them to fail. Within the asteroid magic has more bizarre interactions.   As per the theory of anti magic being simply area's magic does not go, the beams of the asteroid often concentrate and cause magic to flow more like a liquid inside the asteroid. This causes absurdly wild reactions to controlling spells inside the asteroid. In rare instannnnces spells will even trigger themselves as magic is twisted into the right forms, or new spells created.   This makes the asteroid extremely unstable as spells and magic cause tectonic like movement inside the asteroid. Through this many small cultures of unique life are inside the surface of Abyussus.

Natural Resources

Many mundane objects within the asteroid are struck with beams of heavy magic or light magic that can be utilized outside the asteroid as grenades or magic storage devices.


Throghout history Abyssus has thrown anti magic beams onto Potestatem. The vast majority of these land on locations that are unpopulated or don't use much magic.   The most dramatic alignment of fate was on the Ilani forest. During the 2nd era the persian empire was making a push into the dawn mountain range against the pre dawn empire dwarf clan Hammerfist.   The Persians great magical tools from around the entire region had been gathered into one place to blast apart the hammersmith fortresses many layers of defense in one go. As the weapons were being set up and no actual combat had begun Abyssus was struck by a smaller asteroid and suddenly rotated a massive beam twenty miles across onto the Persian army.   Wirebeard Hammersmith noted this during his morning ale from the fortresses mountain peak observatory and spat his ale across the ancient telescope nearby. He ordered the immediate release of all cavalry companies from the fortress. The average force of dwarves riding rams and war mules rush from the gate and found a weak enemy. The hammersmith steel armor and weapons made quick work of mage robes and spell focuses.   Destroying all the magic siege weapons in less than an hour the persian forces scattered. The anti magic beam dissipated some three hours later. Long after the Persian general was captured. To this day it remains one of the greatest underdog victories against the Persian empire to date.
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