Here being known is synonumus with being powerful.
It is upon Potestatem that the royal are divine.
Despots and Benevolent rulers each wield untold power.
Potestatem rewards those who step forward into the light.
  -Korvas, Pre Third Era


Potestatem is a warm hospitable planet. A massive continent in the south account for over two thirds of the entire worlds land mass. This continent is dominated by two areas. The Dawn Mountains are a set of super peaks that stretch across half the globe. Secondly, the Foisham jungles are the largest single biomass on the planet. They also account for nearly a third of the total land area's makeup. A large ocean stretches between the southern continent and its colder northern counterpart. The planet does not experince seasons and thus has a consistent ecosystem makeup.


Potestatem has been at the center of multiple planes of exsistence's attention for thousands of years. The chaos of the early history of Potestatem is rife with extraplanear entities controling vast area's of the land. It is theorized that the coming of the divine Temple Gods and their creation The Temple is what softened the land for its many sapient species we see today. The Temple has long organized the planet and its history is vauge and unknown due to its immense age.   In relativly recent history the Persian empire of gnomes dominated the vast majority of the planet. With the coming of the third era and its namesake Th├ínatos "The Destroyer" they were wiped out. The planet is now in a state of rediscovery as the vast ruins and legions of monsters from the previous era are explored and cleared away by modern souls.

Potestatem, The Belt, and Four Moons


  • Hazfen Desert
    Hazfen Empire
  • Snalesh Swamps Map
    The Snalesh Swamps are a hot and humid place. Filled with hostile flora and fauna. Only the hardy lizard folk who live in the land and the strongest adventurers thrive in this place.

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