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Thánatos "The Destroyer"

Thánatos (a.k.a. The Destroyer, The Devourer, The Avatar of Death, The End)

Fall, darkness, the fight is over, the destroyer comes.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Perhaps once a hydra before becoming an incarnation of death and destruction, it appeared similar but on a much grander and more sinister scale.

Body Features

A body of scales, jagged rows of razer like teeth, as large as a mountain and a hide as thick as steel. These are common descriptions given by those few lucky enough to see the Destroyer and survive.

Facial Features

Each of the nine faces on the Destroyer were unique in their horror. Each head representing one of the nine elements which make up all things.
The orange head acid.  The white head cold.  The red head fire.  The black head force.  The yellow head electricity.  The gray head necrotic.  The purple head poison. The pink head psychic.

Special abilities

The destroyer had many magical abilities to assist in it's crusade against civilization. A notable magical ability which it had that continues the effect Potestatem is known as Destroyer's Breath.

Personality Characteristics


The destroyers goal was seemingly the destruction of civilization and perhaps life.
Chaotic Evil
144 BC 1 BC 143 years old
Circumstances of Birth
The creation of the monstrosity was caused by a large cult operating out of the imperial province of Alan.
Circumstances of Death
Destroyed during the battle of meteors, outside the city of Le Coeur, capital of the fallen Perisian Empire.


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