The Temple

The Temple defines Potestatem. Created at the beginning of the Era of Discovery, it has shaped life with its unlimited magics for millennium. The Temple Gods

Purpose / Function

Abounding theories circulate as to the purpose of the temple. Having been created a millennium ago, history has long absorbed the truth and brought forth shadows of it. The temple is known to many as the balance. Coming to Potestatem it gives power to the newly famed. As it leaves it drags the souls of Potestatems greatest into its hall, as well as the power of those forgotten by their own people. The temple is a path, a balance, a soaring gateway to godhood. Through its infinite magic, it judges those who deserve power and those who should have less. Theory states that the same dozen individual gods have ruled the temple since its creation. Asking any diety though has proven useless to learning the purpose behind it all.


A few changes have been noted by history as the temple has made its passes. Most notably it often disturbs The Belt as it passes through the orbit of Potestatem to mix into the atmosphere. Many times asteroids, dust, and other objects will be dragged into its magically strengthened gravity well. With nearly the pull of a small moon despite its size, often objects will sling dangerously close to the Potestatems earth as the temple slingshots them down then yanks them just short. This causes many objects to be stuck with the temple for several orbits, these are often lost in collisions in orbit with other bodies or are ejected eventually back into space.   The temple's main body on the other hand is scrutinized by scholars and priests the world over as it passes. Very little structural change is noted. Occasionally a few reliable reports will say a new pillar has appeared, a new window cut out of the stone, or something missing. These changes often are reverted back from or blended into the temple. The ability of the temple to occasionally change small chunks without a greater visual change is impressive. Such is god's ability.    Ancient texts have been found noting the temple having several large orbiting crystals in the past that haven't been seen for several thousand years. There is no proof they ever existed.


The building takes after the Perisian Empire style of large pillars, archways, and magic ritualistic roofs with hanging spikes on taller structures. It is possible the Perisian Empire took their style after the temple though.   The temple is 50 stories tall, towering about seven hundred feet tall. The building is cylinderical with a dimater of 350-400 feet.


The Temple is synonymous with history. To be history is to be The Temple. All marked moments have been found alongside observations that directly, or indirectly, point to the existence of the temple in their time. No known complete histories have been recognized on the temple, not for lack of trying by many scholars.


While it is oft tried by anyone able to fly or gain altitude, it is nearly impossible to reach the temple during its passage over Potestatem. There are several practical issues to tourism in regards to the temple. First, its incredible speed, the temple is estimated to cover twenty thousand miles in seven days. This would approximate 2857 miles in a day or a little over one hundred miles per hour at all moments. Secondaly the aforementioned debris circling the temple. If the speed wasn't enough, between a hundred to a thousand objects from dust to small hill will be circling the temple in quick orbits as well. No known flying ships can reach that speed AND make the turns necessary to dodge the debris. Lastly, the crackling magical field.    The temple is constantly outputting or taking in huge amounts of magical energy. The weave around it is like a rushing river. Spells can go wildly out of control or simply wash away from a spellcaster. These three factors have barred any but the most powerful from visiting the temple.     The few who have landed on its steps oft don't come out, refuse polite interviews as they are usually global powerhouses on two legs, or simply are never discovered to have entered the hallowed halls.
Founding Date
Era of Discovery, 10000, BC
Alternative Names
Balance, The Scales, He that was First (Translated from Celestial), hole to hope (Translated from infernal), Pantheon Palace, The Immortal Comet, Potestatems Soul, The Capital of Mortals, Would be that which gives to take (Translated from Sylvan)...
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