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Repleti Inanis, Temple God of Warlocks

Temple God of Warlocks (a.k.a. The Filled Void, Overflowing Emptiness, Gap, The God Infection, The Fetid Foundation)

Withing nothing to lose, means you have nothing to give. The myth of Repleti Inanis is a tragedy.   The world given over to Repleti showed them that in all things they could find happiness. Their kingdom prospered. Strechging from horizon to horizon Repleti created, married, had children, ended wars, and lived with great peace for many decades.   Having gained all the world could offer Repleti needed for naught. Slowly with age Repleti stretched to become more. Infusing their body with Zeal and other more twisted forms of power Repleti gained the abilities of a Demigod. Founding the ability of Overcasting, to cast beyond their frames capabilities, Repleti was overfilled with magic.   The gods of their time saw this and became jealous, the people did not turn to them, they turned to Repleti for prayer, worship, and protection. So they began to pick the joys of Repleti's life away one by one. A city he saved as a child burned with fire. A war he had put down raged up again. Their kingdoms safe roads overflowed with contorted monsters. Their partner turned against Repleti and became jeaolous of their power. Repleti's children fell into vices and graspes for some of their power. All walked away slowly with backs turned from their protecter.   Repleti stood alone. A voice whispered they could have it all back, if they just let go of their power. Repleti denied them. They warred against the gods, and won. Repleti tore down the old ones and found themself in an empty field, the strongest alive. Alone. Jealousy of others had torn Repleti apart, and everything they had made.   Repleti vowed to be different. It is unknown of Repleti created the temple or later joined it. But the myth stands. Repleti sits on a dark throne, of unlimited power, alone. Repleti hands out seeds of this power to anyone like themself, who wants more.

Divine Domains

Replti is an ambasador to the places beyond our own. Replti like all the gods is beyond having a single conscious presence and can be many places, fully, at once. For Replti alone though, that consiouse is shared. A half hive mind if you will. Each of the Aspects of Replti share their mind with a dimensional diety they allow into the Potestatem Sphere. Replti make contracts, deals, bargins, threats, and pleas with a multitude of entities and joins with them and allows the forging of pacts on Potestatem. While some @dimen lay outside Replti's influnce, they can still potentially effect Potestatem.
Divine Classification
Temple God
Ruled Locations


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