are the direct hands of The Temple gods. Immortal and powerful, over a hundred Sub gods exsist. Each Temple god is controlling up to a dozen or so of them. The Aspects rise and fall with time and the beliefs of the people. Some as brand new aspects, and other forgotten into oblivion. Full Slivers often strive to fill this role, but the process is mysterious.


Aspects usually manifest as mental projections rather than physcial ones. A Sliver of Divinity can attract the attention of one of the Aspects. Their presence is noted in a sensory way that is tied to their myth and what they are the aspect of. As an example Aspects of Zenith. Spirit God of the Temple, Magic, and Wizardry may show arcane anomalys and spellcraft. If they can be seen they often appear as metaphorical presences to their followers. Druidic aspects of Solum will take on the appearance of beasts as they speak, some even possessing nearby ones.   When an aspect becomes physcially present they will take the shape of their myth. The myth is the tale of an Aspect. So if in their myth they were powerful and scarred, a warrior like visage may appear. Aspects have been know to appear in multiple races, genders, and sizes across time and space. A partial physical manifistation will be humanoid and register as a one of the Full Slivers that walk Potestatem. Still mortal, but a demi god. A powerful manfistation will be twice to five times the size of most humanoids. They may also, glow, have powerfual auras, and have power far beyond what living flesh can contain.


The Aspects, unlike the Temple Gods, can appear outside of the Temple's direct presence. Their effect on the enviroment is incomprably less dramatic. They use this advantage to appear before large gatherings of followers and during important events. Many wars and annual parades will see one or more aspects appear to turn the tides. They do seem to follow a unspoken honor system and only engage slivers or other aspects in the combat. This is good for mortals staying alive since their power measures dozens of slivers above even someone part of Full Slivers category.
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