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Bunul's Rest


The ten thousand souls of Bunel's Rest are mostly Dwarves with a sizable minority of Yuan-Ti and Lizardfolk. The city is a well fortified outpost run by the Dawn Empire. It serves as a crucial trading artery between the Snaleshi Swamps and the rest of Potestatem.


Due to the importance of Bunel's Rest in the Drastrix Fruit trade, it's government is directly appointed by the central authority in the Thousand Spires of Bunulbilg. The city is run by a governor and executive committee, which answers only to the central government.


The city is perhaps the cleanest and most well run place in the Swamps. It sits right on the edge of the disruption field and is located high enough that it is unaffected by the Inundation events. As such, the city is quite different from any other settlement you will find in the region.
Founding Date
74 AC
Alternative Name(s)
Last Stop, End of the Line,
Location under


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